All I want for Christmas is:

I have in the last few days had at least three people enquiring about Christmas wishes for our family, and last year I wrote a post about our ‘wishes’ and figured it’s just as easy doing the same this year and I won’t have to repeat myself.

This year for Christmas we are doing things slightly different. We have decided that the girls will only get one toy each. You can probably guess the reasons for this, but if you are clueless, it’s because they HAVE TOO MUCH! But we figured that they ARE kids, so they will get one toy thing. Then they are all getting one useful/educational thing (some instruments and stuff) – and that’s it. We will be taking them out to choose something for their sisters, but will try to steer them in the direction of usefulness rather than toys.

“The rest” will be covered by ‘experiences.’ Instead of things we can touch and feel and play with and break before the New Year starts, we are wishing for and buying stuff that can be swapped for experiences. This is what our wishlist looks like:

  1. Year Membership to the Zoo. I love the Zoo. The girls love the Zoo. Simon is more than happy to join us at the Zoo. The only reason we don’t go there EVERY DAY is because it cost quite a lot of money. For only a little more than twice the entry price, you can get entry for the whole year, to TWO zoos here in SA (plus a few interstate as well) – and we would use the crap out of it, excuse the language. The best part is is that it’s easily giftable, by using this link here. (IF you are a person considering this, you should probably let me know, as we only need four, and it would be a shame if it doubled up…:))
  2. Concert ticket vouchers. There are so many shows that come here and that I’d like to take the kids to see, but with all three of them it becomes quite expensive in the end, but they love going to see shows, so that would totally be an awesome gift! This link will take you to a good source for these.
  3. Movie tickets! Same thing, they don’t go very often, but they love it and it’s such an event for them, they absolutely love it! This is a link and this is another one.
  4. Money for the show. No, seriously. The Royal Adelaide Show is in August or September or something, and Melodie has already started saving money. She did great this year, she had enough to buy two showbags and she loved it. Send her a dollar and write a note for her saying it is for the show and she will jump up and down with glee:) Not even kidding a little bit.
  5. Anything else that is a family thing that’s fun and can be done together. You see, we have also spoken to the girls about this and they totally agree, and they’re excited about the prospect of getting presents we can use together instead of just adding to the pile of toys.
  6. If you’re sitting there wishing you could just buy them toys regardless, Lego are wooden train tracks are the stayers.


As I mentioned, if you reading this are one of those who have asked and think a zoo ticket is a great idea, please let me know, so we don’t have six kids tickets suddenly:P Also, this is a reference and a guide for us, but if you can use this for inspiration for your own wishlist, be my guest:)





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