She’s already someone

Isn’t it odd, that someone can be so little, yet she’s already shaping into a person of her own? I mean, she’s my fourth, I should be used to this by now, but it still amazes me!

Like the fact that she will lie outside in her pram and just look up at the trees. We pick her up, and her eyes will search for the green leaves she used to have hanging over her. Like her own, natural mobile. Trees, in her opinion, are amazing. I can’t wait to take her for proper walks through the forest so she can explore all the trees by herself.

Then, she loves her dogs. A few of her toys are dogs – for no reason, and it was certainly not planned. But the dogs are kinda her favourites. Weirdly, to a small child, it is just colourful things, but the rest of us can see they’re dogs. And she loves them! Along with her sloth:) She’s my child in that way!

And she has this intense look. As if she’s checking you or something out. Half-squinting and half-pouting. Like a grandmother figuring out whether she likes her grandchilds’ new haircut. Or as if you just said something odd and she’s trying to decide whether she is angry or impressed. Like she is silently judging, but perhaps you deserved it?

All of my kids have been incredible sleepers, but this one takes the cake. She will definitely sleep anywhere, on anything, to any noise. I mean, she does love her blankelet cozied up next to her face for that ultimate, all night long sleep, but any other time, she will just close her eyes. Remarkable. The others needed at least some stimulation at this point in their lives. We are lucky!

She hugs! Most of the time, we’ll hold her, and her back is arched and torso twisted around so she can see as much as baby-ly possible – she doesn’t want to miss a thing. But then she can turn around and just give us a hug. Particularly after a bottle – still wide awake, so it’s not a cuddle-before-bed thing, and she will just give one – as if it’s a thank you hug❤️

l our kids have had weird nicknames since they were little, without much meaning. Aria is now Tink, as of this year. She thinks so much, we reckon, so but think is too 'much word' to bea name – Tink is just right:)

Weirdly enough I can also go on forever about her now, who knew there'd be so much material when she's only been around for a split second??

I love her though, keep giving me this, Tink😘




I’ll always return to the sea

Religiously, I have always been a bit different. I consider myself non-religious – an agnostic – but that is not completely true. You see, I’ve always had a deep and sincere respect and feeling of belonging for the powers of nature, and I often find myself trying to find peace by talking to the sky, the sun and the sea.

Nature has the power to give us life, to fuel us with energy, give us light and life – but at the same time she has the ability to cause such an intense destruction that we all must be careful to respect her. I know that today, I am not doing nearly enough to preserve what we have, but I know I have gotten better. Still, I can do more.

The sea is what gets me though. I have a Pocahontas-esque relationship to that deep, dark, salty body of fluid that surrounds all of us.

I still remember the longest time I have spent away from the sea, and in hindsight, it was a bit of torture. I do believe part of the reason for my misery was just that – I was positioned such a distance away from anything resembling waves and currents and it just didn’t feel right. I just didn’t know it. Living in Mildura and Robinvale at the time, I would seek the river on so many occasions, but I couldn’t get myself to love it. Yes, it was water, and yes, it had dangers and mysteries and some people absolutely loved it, but me? To me, it was just that; water running from one place that would eventually end up as the sea. Like an ocean-infant. I swam in it, sat by it, talked to it, but conveying my thoughts and spilling out my heart to this moving waterway never felt as soothing and calming as the changing tide and the waves crashing.

I didn’t know it, of course. I didn’t know how important the deep blue was for me. All my life I’d been surrounded by it – grown up by it, born only a few hundred meters from it. I would be able to take in its saline scent almost every single day of my childhood, only briefly interrupted by inland escapades. Many parts of my family made and still make their living based on the seas’ mere existence, my hometown was founded on the very same thing – the need for travelling across the large pool of mysterious body of water. And it wasn’t until I was far removed for some time, and then returned, that I realised I had missed it so. It wasn’t until I hopped on the tram on my first day in Adelaide and travelled down to the bay to walk out onto the jetty and was yet again able to communicate to her, that I knew I was back home again – together with the ocean. I made a promise to myself, that night, that I would never go that long before I go to see her again. She’s my biggest confidant, I share my husband and my children with her, and she calms me more than any drug or human could ever do. The sheer fact that she has the ability to, together with her friends; the other elements of the world, cause an insane amount of destruction only gives me more reason to have this on the brink of religious – spiritual – connection.

When we lived interstate, and was given a house mere meters from the shore, it was bliss. Yes, we were posted far away from all family and all the things that were known to us, but our relationship and family was thriving and growing, and I believe; much to the success of the ocean. Being able to visit every day and take in that ocean breeze caused our otherwise drama-filled living to reach a level of peace and tranquility we would never have reached without it. I am forever grateful for the sea and what she has given me.

Nothing calms me more than staring into the deep, dark unknown, and when there’s a storm surrounding me, I will always come back, to re-set and to refocus my thoughts.

I guess you could say I’m a bit religious after all.



Things I want my children to know

I am on holidays, and even though I have an assignment due, I made the mistake of downloading the Pinterest app again. If you already know about Pinterest you probably understand why it was deleted all the other times (probably five-ish).

Pinterest has lots of awesome ideas, however many of them only end up as inspiration, not necessarily guidelines. The last few days, it has showed me lots of resources about children – how to speak to them when they are upset, how to change the way we speak to them and many great ideas for them to help themselves too.

Now, there was one about manners, and what they should have learnt at certain ages etc, and although I agreed with most of the points, some of them were too contradictory and too much bull in my opinion.

It made me think though. I decided I’ll make a list over things I want my children to learn. Manners are great, and always great to be reminded of how we act and show respect, but my list is mostly about other life skills. I’m starting out with some things:

5 Things I want my children to learn before they turn ten:

1: How to pitch a tent or otherwise make shelter

We do go camping occasionally, but our tent is so big it needs a brain surgeon to get it up, it’s not quite the best way to learn. We do have smaller tents, and for them to know how to pitch them will be great! I also think that teaching them how to create shelter in nature when they have nothing else would be helpful. I used to be a Girl Scout, so I have a fair idea of how to do it, but If I were never shown, I wouldn’t have a clue! I also know how to create shelter in snow, but somehow I feel we need to work on that a bit later on:)

2: How to cook!

I’ve already started planning this for this year. I want the kids to know how to cook 20 things before they’re ten. Obviously, that doesn’t mean three course meals. If I can get five things taught every year from five, they’ll be pretty good by that stage. Melodie wants to learn her favourites first, and Sophia wants to learn how to make cake. So we will see how we go:)

3: How to start a fire 🔥

Growing up in Norway, we always had a fireplace. One of the jobs we had as kids, were fetching the firewood. Then an adult would start the fire. I can’t remember how old I was when I tried it for myself, but I’m pretty sure an 8-9 year old can learn how to do it. Obviously in Australia we don’t have a fireplace that we’ll light up for three quarters of the year, but we can make outdoor fires! As most people know, we can’t just throw a match at some sticks to create flames, and it does take some skill. I’m not going to start teaching them about running two sticks together just yet, but maybe that’s for the next bracket?

4: How to read music.

At least as much as I can! I don’t need them to know how to pitch a perfect C or hear any note and know which one it is, but I do want them to be able to read it out from sheet music and tell me which notes they are. I realise this is a ‘life skill’ that many people would see as unimportant, but to me, music is one of the most important things we have been gifted with, and having some music skills is awesome!

5: Most household chores:

Man, the amount of people who end up moving away from home with no household competence is astounding. I don’t need them to like it. I don’t need them to be great at it. But I do need them to learn how to vacuum, clean the floors, change their sheets and do the laundry. I do need them to know how to clean the toilets, fold their clothes and do the dishes. They are well on their way to knowing many of these, thank goodness, but they’re not ‘moving-out’ – ready just yet:)

What’s a life skill you think I should add to this list?

I think I’ll end up coming up with lots more things soon, but this is good enough for now:)