How did I go?

When you see me, you wouldn’t necessarily go ahead and think “she must be a gym junkie!” Actually, there would have been no point in my life where one would think that of me. But this week, I have been! If you read my last post, I was talking about how I’ve decided to take on a weekly challenge (maybe not every week, but we’ll see.), and this weeks challenge was a gym challenge. My goal was to go to the gym eight times this week, so once every day plus one more. Obviously, visiting the cafe or sitting in the sauna does NOT count, but I had to do some sort of exercising when I was there. Monday and Tuesday went alright, I did one workout each those days, then Wednesday night I went for a swim. I got up at 5AM to be at the gym when it opened, had a morning swim, and were back in time for the girls to wake up. It was actually great! By then I had done four. Thursday night I was going to rehearsals, so I went for a quick workout before I headed to the studio. By that night I was worried if I could finish the challenge. I had realised my Sunday was booked out, with Melodie going to a party in the morning, then straight to rehearsals after – and the gym closes at 5!

I went for an evening workout Friday night, and hoped to squeeze in two the next day. They were closing at 6PM, so It was going to be a tight race! We took the children swimming in the morning for two hours, which totally counts (I mean, carrying them around for two hours is a workout OUTSIDE the pool, not to mention in water!), and then I just made it back in time to get a 45 min session in before they closed!

Which means, I did it! And that’s pretty impressive to say the least, because hey, it’s me were talking about here. And I managed to do it in six days, not seven! I am very proud of my achievement, but I am yet to find out a suitable award for myself…download


My BFF told me I should do a DIY challenge next, which was an idea I loved, and I got a project in mind, but because that involves a bit of time, I have to do that a different week, as Simon is going away for most of this one. With that though, I have decided that I am going to do some baking EVERY day. I love baking, and what a contrast to the last week. Obviously, I don’t need to bake cakes and sweets for seven days, so I’ll have to come up with different things as well! (And I’ll leave the DIY project for when he returns.)

I did do something clever yesterday that I wanted to show off, which is slightly DIY, but because it literally took five minutes, it wasn’t much of a challenge. I saw someone shared or liked a similar idea on facebook the other day, and decided to make it my own.


As you can see, it is a standard clock, which I have put some colours to. This will help Melodie go to bed on time (well, maybe), and do the things she is meant to – on time. The pink section means homework time, the green is screen time (oh yeah, I’m trying to cut that down), yellow is tea time and free time, while purple means Get ready for bed. When the clock turns ‘Orange’ she has to be in bed,and once it’s it the Blue ‘danger zone’ – she must be sleeping. Her consequence is that if she is not asleep by the time it turns blue, the screen time next day is cut down.

I don’t know if this will have any effect on anything, but we’ve been a bit slack lately, so for a $3 clock, it is worth the shot!

Hope you’ve all had a great week!




An Introduction to the Norwegian AE OE AA!

Did you know my alphabet has got 29 letters? Well, if you didn’t here’s an introduction:

I have tried to teach Simon Norwegian for so long, and he is slowly getting better at it. One thing I had to teach him was the extra letters we have, that nobody else has. (Well, it’s not completely right, Sweden and Denmark also have some.)

You see, our alphabet has 29 letters, compared to the 26 in the English one. We have AE OE AA.

How do you pronounce these letters, though, you might say? Don’t worry, I will tell you. Maybe you, too, are someone who is learning the Norwegian language. This is my guide.

AA – this is the last letter of our alphabet. It is essentially an A with a circle over it. A circle, never a dot (believe me, primary school teachers have said this a million times – it’s a CIRCLE.). The way it is pronounced, is like the O in HORSE and BORED and like the OU sound in FOUR. If the letter is used in an English written piece, it will be written as two a’s – Aa. (Melodies middle name is Aase, pronounced with the AA in front.)

Some words that have this letter:

AAr – means year.

LAAve – barn

TAAre – tear (when you cry)

OE – this is the second last letter of our alphabet. It is an O with a line straight across it. The way it is pronounced, is like the U in BURN, the I in FIRST and the E in PERSON. If the letter is used in an English written piece, it will be written as Oe.

Some words that have this letter:

OEve – practice

OEks – axe

OErn – eagle

AE – this is the third last letter of our alphabet. It is an A and an E merged together. The way is is pronounced, is like the A in APPLE, AFRICA and MAX. If the letter is used in an English written piece, it will be written as Ae.

Some words that have this letter:

AEre – honour

BAEre – carry

KjAEre – dear

There you have it, our three extra vowels – our alphabet is awesome.

If you’re in any doubt, watch this video



Ready, set, GO!

As I mentioned before, I want to have a competition! The prize will be a goodie bag with a little bit of everything in it, and I will post it once I have it.

You have to search around on my blog to find the answers.

1. What colour are Melodies snow pants that she used in Norway?

2. I used to have a different blog before this one. What is the link to the old one?

3. I wrote a blog about freezing milk. What are one of my suggestions when it came to using it all up?

4. What kind of cake did I make for halloween?

5. A few months ago, our family went camping. Where did we go?

The questions may seem hard, but I have plans about making it easier as we go. The comp will run until the end of the month!

Click on this link to submit your answers, then comment somewhere on my blog to let me know you have.

Good Luck!:)



The Weekend Tip – how to fix your childs’ fear of showering.

My Melodie does not like having a shower. She simply does not like the water in her eyes. So many times I’ve had to endure her crying while washing her hair – and it is just no fun. At all. But we have come up with a solution!

Now, whenever she washes her hair, we bring in two face washers. She uses the first cloth to cover her eyes while wetting her hair, then the second one for when rinsing. Simple! So now she showers happily, knowing she doesn’t have to get her eyes wet. To be honest, I don’t like it either.

So there, our tip today is quick and easy – use a cloth! (At least that works in our home..:))



The Weekend Tip – Frozen milk

I discovered Friday night that I had two 3-liters of milk still in the fridge about to expire the day after. In addition to the one that was opened already, this meant I had to get rid of about seven litres of milk in two days. We drink milk, but not THAT much. Apparently, when I went shopping, I forgot to consider Simon not being here for most of the fortnight, which was quite silly.

I decided on having Norwegian porridge for dinner tonight, as that uses a lot of milk. But still, I had six litres sitting there, with its Bambi eyes, begging me to find a use for them so they didn’t go down the drain.

The solution was of course to freeze it. Milk freezes well, so I see no reason to chuck it out. My suggestion is to freeze it in different quantities. I ended up with two 1-litre containers, three 500 ml containers and four 250 ml containers. This way I won’t have to waste much when thawed, in case I only needed a little.

You may wonder what to do with it, though, after it has been frozen. Some people don’t mind drinking it, but I do. But it is excellent for any cooking! Here are some of my suggestions:

  • Pancakes or pikelets
  • Bread
  • Waffles
  • Porridge
  • Bechamel sauce
  • Cakes
  • Panna Cotta
  • Homemade Yoghurt
  • Puddings
  • Cheese (like ricotta)

We waste so much food and milk, so anything to keep it from going in the bin! Even if it just a cup, then you have it for some other time. Tonight I am making some smoothie ice-blocks for the girls, and I will be using up some more of the milk then.



The Weekend Tip: My top TEN tips for flying the long distance.

Now that I am going flying in not too long, I thought I’d share my tips on how to make the long haul more comfortable (because we all know that those LONG hours on board a plane are anything but.). I have done the 24 hrs plus to Europe quite a few times now, both alone, with child alone and in a group. This will, however, be the first time alone with THREE kiddos…

These tips are not necessarily easy with children in tow, these are more for adults or people travelling alone (I’ll share my travelling with kids tips later.).

  1. Bring a fresh pair of underpants.
    I know after several hours cramped up in a tiny seat makes everything feel… eh… yucky. (Pardon the honesty, but it is true). As much as we can all find a place to give ourselves a wash, being able to put on fresh undies halfway through is just awesome. If you wear some old ones you can just chuck them as well instead of bringing them with you in your bag, but if that puts you off, I’d recommend putting your used ones in a zip-lock bag and put them in a bag. Also, you can buy the wipes that you can flush, and are made especially for that ‘area’ which will help you feel fresh.
  2. Get a map.
    Whether you travel internationally lots, or never have, you may find yourself in transit somewhere completely new. I like airports, and always love looking around in them. If you’re like me, but may not have that many hours to explore, getting a map of the airport terminal might be a good idea. Well, I think it is a good idea anyway, there is something about that bladder that just kicks in just as you’re about to step of the plane, so needing to find a loo straight away might become your biggest task. Maps can be useful for finding your favourite shop, or a place to eat, or, if you are nervous about being late for your next flight, it will give you some help in finding your gate. Most of the big international airports have a map or guide on their web pages.
  3. Pamper yourself.
    Now, I am no beauty expert in any way, but I do know I feel lots better and fresher if I take some time to do a full skin routine. When flying, as I said above, it is easy to feel un-fresh and ‘yucky.’ If you have time in transit, find yourself a less crowded bathroom and do a full cleanse, followed by a good cream. Maybe even a face mask to make it even better (I’d suggest a clear one, though, as someone walking in may not expect a green-faced person standing there..). Some airports have spas as well, so if your budget allows it, that is an option as well, but you’ll go far with just your own (And if you are smart, you can go to the pharmacy and get some samples just before you leave, so you can just chuck them out when you’re done:)) And then if you do like it, airport duty free sections often have the good stuff cheaper!). Obviously, you can do this still in the aeroplane, but let’s hope you sleep most of the time, so you don’t have time! 😉 Also, dry shampoo or one of those dry hair treatments will work wonders when you feel less than fresh.
  4. Bring food.
    You know, one of the worst things that happens to me while flying, is getting hungry. I once flew while pregnant. All. The way. To Norway. With tiny amounts of food on the first flight. If the company you’re flying with allows it, bring something extra. Fruit, a sandwich, preferably stuff that is not very noisy or smelly. The worst thing that happens is you have to chuck it out if you don’t eat it, which is better than starving.
  5. DO care.
    I often hear people saying that they ‘don’t care about other people; we should all mind our own business.” While I agree to that while on the ground, in the air, I find it difficult to agree. Please do not bring nuts. Someone could have a severe allergy. At least wait with opening that packet until you have landed and have walked off the plane. Please be courteous when you lay your seat down. We all want to sleep, so we get it. But if you can, communicate with the person behind you and ask if it is okay, they may just want to finish their food first, or maybe they just need to go to the toilet before going to sleep. Maybe they have an infant or child on their lap right when you lay your seat back. It is amazing how ‘caught in our own world’ we get when flying. Please remember that a helping hand is worth ten thousand more than the hundred angry eyes if someone is struggling. Someone getting their bag down, and then it opened up in the aisle and everything spread out. Help out. The mother with the baby who waved his hand so her water spilled all over her things and clothes. Ask her if she needs a hand. Someone is behind you in line for the toilet and you can see they are busting, and you only need to go ‘sometime soon’. Let them in before you. Care. You’re all in the same boat (well, aircraft…).
  6. Try something new!
    When in a new country or airport, there is bound to be something to eat or drink you haven’t tried before. To make your transit that little bit more interesting, try something you wouldn’t normally try. A different type of beer, maybe. Or a tea. Or that funny-looking salad?
  7. Buy something!
    Even though this is not your final destination, while walking around you might find some interesting artefacts, and they are often cheap as well. Maybe a last minute present to someone, or something for the pool room. Last time we flew to Norway, we transited in China, where we hadn’t been before. Our next leg was to Stockholm, and I don’t find Sweden very exotic, so picking up a thing or two from the Chinese airport was much more interesting.
  8. Bring your charger.
    It might sound logical, and with today’s electronic world, one should not be without. Bringing the USB charger for your devices will help you out in that situation when you have run out for some reason, because it does happen. I would hate it.
  9. Sleep. And hydrate.
    Say you have a six-hour layover. Wow. There are only so many interesting things to look at. Find a spot where you can lie down. It’s not always allowed, but it is not illegal as far as I know, and the guards may just wake you up. Put a blanket (or something that works as a blanket) over you and close your eyes. If you’re alone, you might want to hook your arm into your carry-on or use it as a pillow, as people do steal from sleepers. Also, drink lots of water. Flying really dehydrates me, so make sure you drink lots!
  10. Go out!
    If you have a really long layover, and you’re somewhere you don’t need a visa, leaving the airport for a few hours to check out the sights can be awesome. I did this when I had six hours spare in Amsterdam, I just got on a train, got off when other people did, then walked down a street to a cafe. It was great, and then I walked back and hopped on the train again.

So these are my TEN most important tips to making your long haul heaps better. As I said, not all would be suitable for travelling with kids, (like sleeping and leaving the airport, YIKES) but stay tuned for my post on that subject as well.
What is your best tip for a more enjoyable flight?


The Weekend Tip! (warning; contains baby details)

A few weeks ago, Ricky had an accident – in our bed of all places. It was the kind that only parents of said child can handle. We do not need details, let’s just say our mattress needed some attention. Simon and I both thought about how to clean it, and knew that no matter how much we tried with soap and what not, it would still be very wet and potentially have mold growing in it if we did not get the moisture out.

But then I remembered – hellooo – salt draws moisture out of things – lets add salt! So I went to get the salt, poured massive amounts onto the wet stain, and rubbed it in. Simon was not sure, but I knew!

In the evening, after several hours of that salt drawing the wetness out of hours mattress, it has crystallized and it was heaps heavier than before I put it on. We were amazed that it worked so well! We vacuumed it up, and found that the stain was almost completely dry!

It definitely worked, so if you your child has had an accident or you’ve spilled something on your bed, the carpet or something else, use the cheap salt to dry it up!

Tried and tested:)