Foodie Friday: Norwegian tradition

For today’s food blog I thought I’d write about something very special to Norway. It is basically potatoes. Just different. You see, potatoes grow well in our country, so we always had lots and lots of it. We basically served it up with everything we ate. Fish and potatoes were standard in our homes.

Some clever people came up with a way to change it up a bit, and came up with a recipe for what can only be translated to Potato dumplings. We call them ‘Ball’, but it has other names in other parts of the country, such as ‘Potetball’ and ‘Komle’.

This week, my grandmother made hers, which are the best in the world, and brought them to our house. It was awesome!

What it is, is shredded potatoes, mixed with flour and probably some more, shaped into balls, then cooked in a broth flavoured with salty meat (beef). We usually put a piece of speck (or thick pieces of bacon) in the middle to keep the moisture and to give it flavour, and I also like mine to have a piece of ‘Mår’ in it, which is a type of cured meat.

We serve them up with boiled carrots, swedes and sausages. While hot, we cut them open and pour butter over them. Bacon is also a great addition. Often, crazily enough, they are served with a side of more potatoes! As if that’s really needed.

It is super yummy, and such a specific food for our part of the world. I know very few people who do not love it.


I hope I get another serve before we go back!



Throwback Thursday: baby Mel

As I’m away on holidays I don’t have many old photos and things with me, so for todays throwback Thursday I have taken a photo of one that my mother has hanging in her house. Melodie looks so baby cute in this photo, taken when she was almost two years old (so three years ago now!).

It’s weird to think that that little girl is now ready to start school in only a month and a bit!

Such a cutie in her little bee suit:)


It’s beginning to look alot like christmas!

It’s never a given that there will be snow at Christmas, but we’re getting there! Today, my mum and I took the girls to the playground, where there was a little bit of snow. They love the snow, and they take every opportunity to eat it, touch it and talk about it.


But now, it has been bucketing down the last hours, my hopes are there will be cold days ahead so we can wake up Christmas Eve to a white blanket covering the ground. This is the view from our house:

(The photo to the left was on our way to the playground. Quite a change, huh?)

Man, I love this country<3


Foodie ‘day after Friday’ – breakfast time Norway style!

(I kinda meant to make this post yesterday, but you know, life happens:))

One thing that is certain is that food looks different in every country. Where an Australian breakfast looks like weetbix and milk, toast and vegemite or a full breakfast with eggs, sausage, bacon and the whole caboodle, a Norwegian breakfast looks nothing like it.

I am not going to say that what I eat while I am here is equivalent to the breakfasts eaten in the whole country, but I am placing my bets on it being not far from it.

Hot breakfasts are not really a thing here. What we do, is open sandwiches, which is essentially a piece of bread (which is hardly ever white – whole meal or grains is our preference) with some sort of topping. The toppings obviously vary, from spreads made of liver, fish, cheese and more, to cheeses of different colours and sliced meats. Sometimes we may have yoghurts and/or cereals, but the open sandwich is definitely a Norwegian thing.

This is what a standard Melodie and Sophia breakfast looks like:

This is my mothers homemade bread with ‘Leverpostei’ spread on top. Very standard, and I don’t know anyone who does not like leverpostei. It can easiest be described as a liver pate. Very yummy!

This is the breakfast I shared with Sophia this morning:

Here you see four different varieties of the open sandwich. Clockwise from the top, there is ‘graddost’, a cheese who may be more Swedish than Norwegian, but something I have eaten since I was little. It is softer and mellow, and comes in a round shape. The next one has got another type of cheese, this one a bacon-flavoured spreadable one, a ‘shiny’ cream cheese. On the bottom we have the brown goats cheese, which to many may seem odd, but it is perfectly normal to us. It has a nice caramel-like flavour, and I have eaten it since I was a baby. I have found it in Australia with the name ‘Ski queen’. The last one has sliced meat on it – we call it ‘fårepølse’, which essentially means sausage made with sheep animals. On top there is mayonnaise, but not like anything you can buy in Aus. This is pure goodness – and my husbands favourite!

So, there you have it – standard Norwegian breakfast, at least according to me!


Where do I start??

We have now been home for almost a whole week, and it is just such an awesome feeling to be surrounded by the best bunch of people in the world. (No offence to the rest of my friends in the rest of the world – the people here just ‘get me’ so much better than most of you! Still love yous though:))

We left Adelaide last Thursday, where my nervousness was through the roof, and my stomach was churning and ready to throw up. You all thought it – I know – ‘she is insane, figuring she can fly across the world with THREE kids under five!’
Oh, and I thought it, too! But you know what? It went splendidly! Not only did the kids behave slightly better than I could have hoped for, there was also lots of strangers and crew helping us – so it all just went smoothly – and I would do it all over again!

I didn’t have many extra hands to take photos with, so these are the ones I have from the trip:)

Arriving in Norway was just so awesomely special and awesome, and once we came all the way home I my mothers house, my best friend was there as well as my sister, and my brother rolled in the door not long after. It was the best homecoming!

Since our first day, the kids have settled their routines and they have already been out enjoying themselves in the snow! I was surprised by a bunch of friends and family who planned and orchestrated a surprise-party, which I absolutely loved! I told you these people are the best for a reason!

Have a look at some photos:

My little Mel – first time skiing!



Winter is fun – and snow is the best!

There is something so incredibly beautiful about someone seeing snow for the very first time – like these little ones. They’ve eaten it, thrown it and played in it – and my sis even built a snow lantern together with Sophia. Magical!

As per tradition, we make seven varieties of Christmas cookies. Yesterday we made gingerbread biscuits together:



Ricky thought it best to taste ALL of it…

And then we decorated them:

… Or Sophia ate them mostly…;)

It has been lovely coming home – and the best part has been seeing the people I love and that love us. You never really know how much you care about someone until you are with them again<3


Musical Monday – I’ll be home for Christmas!

Considering that at the end of this week I’ll be in my hometown with my family and friends, it is only fitting that this is the music for Todays Musical Monday share:



#ILLBEHOME – but not just in my dreams!

Although my home is here with my family and my husband, HOME will always be in Norway. Where is YOUR ‘home for christmas’?


It’s the first!!

Where I am from – there are certain rules. When it comes to Christmas.

NO Christmas decorations before December. The only exception is if the advent period starts before December, then purple all around is okay. But nothing, and no eating Christmas treats before this month. This has obviously shaped me to what kind of Christmas person I am today – as I cringe and look away whenever I see photos of peoples decorated Christmas trees in early November – and even though I can live with the shops putting them up – Christmas decos before December just – NO!

Same thing goes for colours, really. I throw up a little in my mouth when I see pinks and blues and yellows on the trees. And shiny, sparkly purple does not belong at Christmas in my opinion! Of course, each to their own, but it is just not acceptable in my house. I know it sounds strict, but hey, my family has always had these traditions. (The exception to this would obviously be if the kids made them, then I’d accept any colours!:))

That being said – once December hits – It is ON! At midnight, I played my favourite Christmas song, and I was almost kicked out of bed.And if it wasn’t for the fact that we leave in a few hours, the tinsel would be hanging from the ceiling and there’d be bells all over the house. I have been dancing and singing all day – and Simon wonders if I’ll ever go back to ‘normal’ songs.

Because NOW! Now it begins – and I’m having a white Christmas!