Aaand we’re at 24!

This one is for my Mum  (who I get to see in only a few days!) as this is one of her absolute favourites, and one we always sing together at Christmas. We will though, this year, as there are a few days left before it finishes by the time I get there, so I’ll be rocking around that tree singing this one.

We’ve had our Christmas eve today, in semi-traditional Norwegian style, and the kids have loved it! Tomorrow we are off to Simons’ family, which shall be a great day for us:)

All the best wishes to everyone, and I will try to post some photos of my beauties tomorrow:) It is now time for sleeping in the Skingen Koch residence.





And by you, I mean my family! It’s all I want and need:) We’re not doing any presents for each other as adults this year as we just got a new fridge (and I got an ice machine included) and Simon got himself a new computer. So we figured we won’t give each other anything, we just want to hang out and be together with each other:) It is all that counts, after all!




Good Evening! It is such a paradox sitting here in the warm weather telling the world to “Let is snow”, but it is one of my favourite songs so here it comes:)

I just had to use this version, which I really like, but mostly because one of the guys are wearing a Norwegian Marius patterned jumper. So Norway represent!

(And it’s a plea to the other side of the world, I demand snow when we touch down!)




Because it is early morning here in the land of the never-ending heat, I figured I’d chuck in another Norwegian classic. Now, if you’re not Norwegian, you may recognize some of the words. These were in a tv-show many years ago, and they spoke a mix of English and Norwegian… Still a song that gets me in great Christmas mood!

Yes, I can totally get that it’s hard being a Nissemann, man…




So things happened, like not being able to post videos from my phone, being hella busy and just life in general… I am still counting down to Christmas though, but seeing I have missed a few days, I’ll catch up by doing them twice a day until I am back on track (which, lol, I only have a few more days to go anyway…:P).

Things are super busy here at the moment, but by choice, so complaining ain’t happening, it just means that, well, some things are forgotten!

Anywho, so the 16th of Decembers Christmas song is this:

Hahaha, this was a mock boyband in Norway many years ago, although this remains a classic for (especially) the gen y kiddos!

“Let’s make love behind the Christmas tree, where nobody sees us!”

Yes. Let’s.



Careful what you say
This time of year
Tends to weaken me

And have a little decency And let me cry in peace

But there’s a place where I Erase the challenges I’ve been through

Where I know every corner, Every street-name all by heart

And so it is a part of my courageous plan to leave

With a broken heart Tucked away under my sleeve

I wanna go home for Christmas, Let me go home this year.

I don’t know what my future holds

But I can tell you where I’m from And who loved me to life.


(So lol, I am camping and my phone just doesn’t want to insert the actual movie, I’ll sort it out when we come home. But that’s the link to it anyway:))

The lyrics to this song is pretty much how I feel every Christmas. I actually shared this one last year as well. An though it may not actually be a Christmas song as such, it is to me, as she has captured how I feel every Christmas time. I just want to go home! This year I am happy though, as I am going back right after, but it is still something special to me that I can’t duplicate here!

So although my courageous plan to leave on my own for a while while Simon is off on his own adventures encompasses the travelling and leap of faith, the broken heart represents more the time we are forced to spend apart during the next few months. And then I’ll cry with this song again, as home is wherever my heart is<3





So I’m sharing a Norwegian song today, I loove this one! This is Kurt Nilsens version, he was the first winner of the Norwegian Idol TV-show. He also went on to win the world idol show. Where he beat Kelly Clarkson. Kelly Freaking Clarkson. Also, once, our football (soccer, if you must) team actually beat Brazil. Yeah. It’s good being Norwegian when we accomplish so many grand things.

(I am of course joking, however every joke has a bit of truth to it… People may not know much about us, but we like to dwell on the things in the past :P)




Another Norwegian tradition is waking up early Christmas eve, and watch TV. The movie from which this song comes from is a staple and an absolute must for pretty much any Norwegian. It’s an oldie but oh, such a goodie!

(I have actually sung with her before. This song as well. Like, for realz. I am basically famous. So now I don’t have time for ya’ll. Jks.)




When I was little, I used to play in a marching band. We didn’t just march though, we did play concerts as well. Every year there used to be a Christmas concert based around a Christmas TV-show where some of us would sing, some would dance, and most of us would play. Obviously, being a lover of performance, I would always volunteer as a singer. This is one of the songs we used to perform:)

Ah, the memories:)




This is another Norwegian song, it may not be very known in Norway, but my mum would sing this one when we were little, so it has good memories. It’s a bit sad, as the song is a child singing about how he wants his father to come home for Christmas, although I think his parents have split up:/

Pretty much six years ago, while pregnant with Melodie, I had a meltdown because of this song. Because I loved it. Lol. The emotional state of a heavily pregnant me… Combined with christmas? Not recommended.



Our gymnast!

Our little Melodie had her last training session yesterday, with the heat turned up so high that it caused a storm which knocked out the power of most of Adelaide.

They had a party with lots of yummy food, and then they got their trophies. She was so proud:)

  She is now busy planning where to put it while polishing it!

Gotta love her:)




I do not see myself as religious. I was christened, and I went through with the confirmation ritual as a teenager. Still, I identify as agnostic now, as an adult. I do, however, sing loud and clear the absolutely beautiful Christmas songs out there, the ones that tell the story of Jesus and his birth. The songs are often to gorgeous not too, and I don’t mind the message in them.

This is by far one of the most gorgeous songs I have come across as far as that goes. It almost makes my heart bleed. I usually listens to it in Swedish, as that is its original language, but I found it in English, which makes it better for sharing here:)




I’ve had to admit defeat

One of the (many!) Norwegian Christmas traditions is that of the Seven types of cookies. You’re meant to make seven varieties of cookies and biscuits, the dry type that keeps for a long time. This is so when you get people coming by your house during the holidays, you have got something to serve up. They are stored in proper Christmas tins, which often serve as a decoration on their own. Whatever biscuits aren’t eaten gets put back in the tin for the next visit. Around the country there are different types of cookies that are being made, my stepfather grew up with different varieties than my mother, because they came from different areas. Some, like gingerbread biscuits, would feature all over the country.

Today, not all of the treats have to be of the dry kind, we do have fridges now, so we can have things stored properly if it’s needed. Still, most people base their seven types around the traditional kind.

You have to have seven, though. Otherwise Christmas is not complete. But this year, I have to admit to having been defeated. I won’t be having seven. I may not even have half of that! There are a few reasons for this:

  1. Some of my favourites require cooling (well, here in Australia at least), and our main fridge just broke down, which means we are left with a rather small one. I just cannot justify taking up that much room for my selfish need.
  2. IT IS SO HOT HERE. Tomorrow is my baking day, and it’s meant to be over 40 degrees. Who wants to spend hours (because it does take hours) baking, inside, on such a hot day?? Not me…
  3. Kids. They love helping, but them helping means that things will take three times as long. Which in turn means I have to spend even longer in the heat making them. Otherwise I can just do it all by myself, but it’s meant to be fun for the family, not stress for me.
  4. We’re not getting many visitors anyway, and we’re leaving in 20-something days, so I don’t really see the point, other than keeping with tradition.
  5. Because I am going home to Norway, there will be plenty of treats left for me to eat, because by the time I’m there, everyone has had enough of it:)

I will be making some tomorrow, though, because I need some! I just haven’t decided which ones yet….:) (And if you’re in the area, stop by to have some, please!:D)

(Please, save some for me, Mamma?:D)




Another one that makes me cry!

This one reminds me so much of my mum. Well, not this version, the Norwegian version. It was played in our home every Christmas time, and I can picture my mother humming along to it<3

This version is one of my favourites of all time. Teary-eyed me will sing it to my kiddies every year!

Twenty days to go!



Have I mentioned that I love lists?

I’m sitting outside in the sun, amending my Christmas-shopping-presents list. And it is quite extensive. Not because I have that many presents to buy, but because I need to tick off that many categories before I am happy. The “What to get” is over halfway done, the “purchased or not” is almost there, and the “arrived” section has a third of the boxes ticked. There are another four categories these things need to tick off, but I shan’t mention them all:)


 Of course it’s colour coded, what am I, a savage?

The satisfaction when I get to tick more and more boxes off:D