The Christmas Card 2017

What a massive year it has all been, and I am in the process of doing up a cavalcade of photos and events from the year, in three-month bulks (because otherwise it’ll be too long!) – but before then, and now that the house has finished yesterdays big day, as you may all know by now, our official Christmas celebration happened yesterday on Christmas Eve.

We have my sister and her boyfriend here with us this year, so it is a real treat with the majority of the Skingen ladies all gathered in the one house at Christmas, and the girls have been all excited about the Christmas holidays.❤️

The day yesterday was great, but I’ll get back to that later, for now I will leave you all with some gorgeous photos that serve as our Christmas card because they are amazing! (And I couldn’t possibly pick just one!)

(Thank you endlessly to Bec and Nat from Mason Digital for these beautiful photos (there’s heaps more from our photo shoot with the grandparents, but I’ll leave some for another day:)) and for just generally being overall amazing people this year <3)


For all the people posting their Christmas wishes on Facebook, I don’t have enough time in the day to like or comment, but I wish you all truly a wonderful holiday and may all your wishes and more come true!

XX, Line