Best and Worst moments when doing a musical

I was trying to explain to Simon the different levels of excitement when doing a show, because I am in the middle of doing one at the moment, and decided to put it down here, see if other agree with me:) I have five ‘moments’ (although they’re more than that) of best and three worst. Here we go:

The four best ‘moments’ when doing a show: (in no particular order)

1: Getting the phone call and being told you’re in!

2. Sitzprobe – always amazing!

3. The first run through of the whole show!

4. When we finally nail that ridiculous song/harmony!

5. Opening night<3
Four worst things about doing a show:

(Also in no particular order)

1. The waiting time between audition and being notified of the outcome – the torture!

2. The week between show weekends when there’s no rehearsal and no dry run and you feel like you have no purpose.

3. Someone vital to the production gets sick and it’s chaos (luckily it doesn’t happen ALWAYS but when it does, it’s hell!)

4. Final night 😫 ya’ll know I cry like a baby from the start of the overture…

Do you agree? What would you add?
I am very excited though, The Pajama Game opens in March!