New York.

Because I am back at the hotel after having some breakfast, I figured I might as well do some writing now, while I have some time on my hands – because when Simon comes I don’t want to be sitting on the laptop constantly!

First thing first  – I love it here. After less than 24 hours I can say I already find this place amazing.

My flights went well, a delay on the first one, then a massive line-up through double customs, ending up in the airplane here waited for me (obviously the airport has some issues, as it was not my fault at all!), and I didn’t even have time to go to the toilet in between the flights! The second one was rather quick, and I watched some movies, and probably pissed off the people in the seat next to me. The man had sat down in my seat, so he had to move to the other side, and they were a whole group of Jewish people and all they did was talk to each other in Hebrew and look at me with angry eyes. They even took my pillow and blanket, and the girl right next to me spilled water on me without apologizing! I wasn’t fussed though, I was quite happy – but unfortunately she got sick and vomited at the end of the flight, so maybe karma came to fly with us…:)

As I was figuring out how to get to the city, I just hopped on the first and best idea – or so I thought! My head automatically assumed all trains would end up at Grand Central, which is a three minute walk from here, but this wasn’t the case. Ending up at Penn station, I soon realized I had a bit of a walk ahead of me, and didn’t know I could just get on the subway. Anyway, I walked up to Times Square, and figured I’d just find my way from there. And then I saw the line up for the Broadway tickets. It was already huge. I was meant to check-in to the hotel and then go back, but I figured I might as well stand in line now and get something, than miss out altogether.

And hour and a half later, still with my suitcase wheeled through the massive line-up – tossing between which show to choose, I stood there, ticket in hand, ready to see the story of how Peter Pan came to be – Finding Neverland.

Getting hungry now, I decided to just find my way to the hotel and then figure out the rest, so I started walking. After not being able to remove my boots while travelling (and of course, I went in heeled boots!), my feet were getting somewhat sore. However, I was determined to get there. I kept looking at the taxis to find out how to hail one, but I realized I should ‘just keep swimming!’

It really didn’t take me that long at all, and once I arrived here, I took the shoes off and just laid on the bed. I made it!

Even after pretty much just a lot of walking, I love it. I knew I would though – as I have always had a think for big cities. I am totally in love with Sydney, and London is also a favourite – but here, it is just crazy weird. It’s not beautiful or charming or lovely in the way other cities I’ve been to (not yet anyway) – but I just feel great walking around anyway.

Everything seems both dodgy and safe at the same time, people are generally smiling and polite, however the cars are angry bastards! I feel both safe and insecure at once, and I think I even feel less unsafe walking around in Adelaide late at night than I did last night!

I was smart, and looked up how to get from here to Broadway again last night. Not because I couldn’t walk, but because I didn’t want to be late! Pretty easy and straightforward, and once on there, there was a guy playing music and singing to the passengers! I loved it, and was singing along, although people were looking at me as if I was weird. These are things I’ve heard of, of course, and getting to see it just warmed my heart:) Then, stepping out on the other side, another man was singing, this time opera. I really could get used to all this music everywhere.

Finding my way up to the theater was a piece of cake, and once inside, I just had to take a moment and take it all in. It was so beautiful and gorgeous, and I had a really good seat so I was really looking forward to the start. The show had a celebrity, Kelsey Grammar, who was so funny to watch, and it was amazing and heart-breaking and full of magic tricks! I loved the little boys’ acting, (and adults, but those boys!) and was just in awe of the energy and the set was incredible! I want to be in this show one day:) I was both funny and sad, and I want to see it again. However, Simon and I may go see one Saturday, but it will be a different one.

On my way home, I decided to go to some shops, and look around, and although it was closed to midnight, many were still up. I’m in the city that never sleeps, of course. Finding my way home, I initially planned on walking, but I hopped on the subway again, because I was getting awfully tired. I even closed my eyes during the intermission of the show, as my jetlagged self was worried I’d fall asleep during the actual show! (Not a chance though, not that show anyway)

It was weird, walking around by myself. I do enjoy my own company, I have travelled alone before, so I don’t mind at all. But there was people out still, but it felt quite empty regardless. So even here, in this huge city, I was almost alone.

I have had breakfast today, and am now back at the hotel. Still a few hours to go until Simon arrives, but I’m out the door shortly!




Last challenge was all about posting video clips – which I only just scraped through! But I did! So the tally is now 2 completed and one failed… This fortnight, seeing we’re going to New York and all, I am going with something simpler. In Norway we have this thing that we call “stemningsrapport.” Which is when you post a photo or a short clip to show other people the kind of mood or feel there is where you are right now – in the moment. It can often be at an event such a concert, at a cafe, snuggling at home – or anything that will give someone a slight understanding of what you are doing right now. It is usually only accompanied by very few, short sentences – or no words at all!

This is what I’ll do next! The following two weeks I will (hopefully) post at least Twenty of these ‘mood reports’ here. Obviously they’re meant to be posted ASAP, but seeing I’ll have limited internet access for half of the time, I’ll give myself a deadline of 90 minutes until I can post it (otherwise you’ll just see a bunch of photos from our hotel room, which might get boring…:P).

I hope you enjoyed the video clips though, and maybe you’ll pop in to see my little updates! With the goal of twenty, I don’t NEED to post one every day, and can do several when I feel the need for it. They will all just have one-word titles as well, and only one full sentence.

I hope everyone is having a good day – we got a new layer of snow today – this neverending winter is taking us on ski adventures and sledding trips with loads and loads of snow! I love it!




Just posting another video, been trying to sleep, but it is cold and I just cannot sleep for some reason… Maybe I am to excited about next week – dunno. Found this video of Sophia singing a song from frozen, my little star:) It’s a few months old though, but adorable still!





Do you know what I feel should be eradicated from society?


I honestly thought that dealing with adults, I wouldn’t have to be subjected to judgement on a regular basis. And I didn’t expect the people that claim to love me to be some of the worst perpetrators.

I try not to, I honestly do. I try to, when seeing or hearing something that may be a bit off (according to myself, or society), ask why and how, instead of acting irrationally and throwing accusations around without trying to find out the facts first.

Most times, this kind of judgement is passed behind someone’s back. Without them being able to explain or defend themselves and avoid being the victim of people who have no time for them otherwise. And often, people spread the lies that they have come up with in lieu of answers (answers they would have had had they bother checking the facts first.).

The thing about judgement is, that without the proper facts and inside knowledge, you will never see the full picture. Maybe you have a piece of the puzzle, but there are always far more pieces that you will ever uncover, and although the one piece you have found tells a story – it may only be a chapter. In so many cases, one chapter is never enough to understand someones’ story.

Another thing is, that once that judgement is fully set in your mind, changing someones’ opinion is next to impossible. If you even get a chance to explain, that is. People tend to stick to the made-up narrative in their head instead of considering the facts given. And it is sad.

Instead of judging and throwing shame and accusations around, people need to try to see further. Try to understand. Ask why and how, and sometimes who. Instead of jumping up and reacting to a situation that may not have anything to do with you in the first place? And maybe you fail to see the other side of the puzzle-piece as well? The one where things may not look so bad, because there is an actual answer to the questions your judgmental mind made up?

I really feel that the people that claim to care immensely need to try to get to know that person first. How are they meant to trust each other if not? How are they going to be comfortable that there is no judging going on? I certainly won’t.

I’m tired of defending and explaining myself to deaf ears. I’m done.



To plan, or not to plan

I am a planner. I love planning. I love making lists and ticking off boxes and I love making plans. Alot of my plans never happen, but I do like to plan things. I try to plan hangouts with friends and I plan what we are having for dinner. I like making plans about the near future and about what lies many decades ahead. Whenever we go somewhere, I love planning what to do, eat, wear and the who, whats, whens and hows. There is a common misconception that planners – like me – don’t do anything spontaneous, but it’s not true, not in my case anyway. Our life is filled with little spontaneous outings here and there, and it’s not like it has to be pre-planned before it happens.

I am planning. Constantly. It gives me a great deal of satisfaction – and when plans changed, it would upset me. This was closely linked to my mental health, and recently, my coping with changed plans have gotten smoother and easier. I mean, it just means I get to re-plan things, how great is that!?

Now that we are going to New York, we have made the decision not to plan anything. We just want to have the weekend to ourselves, and then figure it out as we go. We have a few things in mind we want to see/do – and that’s it. We decided not to make a full on itinerary of where to go and at what time, we will just go with the flow.

But then we start thinking. We really would like to see this, go there, shop in that shop and eat breakfast there. And then I struggle. I could do it. I could easily sit down and come up with the best way to distribute our time together over the course of the day – but we don’t want to because we just really want to be together, and who cares if we don’t get to do Everything. And every day that I am closer to seeing him, I ease a little more because I know that once we’re together, it will all be fine. But then, I stress out because I HAVEN’T planned our weekend!

One step we took to satisfy my planning-need, was to make a booking at a restaurant on the Friday night. Purely for practical reasons, of course (if you believe me…:P). I also have written down some things I may or may not try to do before I pick Simon up at the airport on the Friday, as I have over 24hrs to myself over there.

I really do love planning. But the plan not to plan is doing my head in:) I’ll just keep telling myself that I’ll be fine….:)


Just shooting through another video clip – this time it’s the girls playing in the snow for a bit:)






Let’s go for a drive!  

Another video clip for today – from a few weeks ago.

We took the whole family to a ski resort, and this is a little part of the way, driving through winter wonderland:) One reason why I’m posting this video is so I can always look back on it, because I really love my home country, and when it shows itself from this angle, it is spectacular!



5th feb 2016

Upon reading my last post about the Challenge, I realize that I actually never announced what the next one would be. My intention was, in the last fortnight, to write 10 blog posts. I ended up with 8 or 9… Which means I lost, and there will be $20 going into the JDRF fundraising once it starts again. A pretty good reason to lose anyway:)

For this fortnight, I’ve decided that the challenge will be about video clips! I know there are a few people out there who are missing us, Simon in particular, so posting a few clips might make someone happy! I’ve set the required number to seven, and seeing today is Friday, I am posting the first one today. I better hurry, as the first week is almost over!

Hope you enjoy this little one of my girls and siblings playing together!



Snowflakes in her hair

She trots on her tippy-toes into the kitchen. Her grandmother is preparing for dinner, and she asks; “Can I help?”

She is given the job of fetching the potatoes from the outside storage room, and she gleefully grabs the saucepan and skips down the hallway, ready to put her shoes on. The winter boots we bought a few weeks ago quickly find their way onto the right feet, and she jumps up, ready for action. I open the door to follow her out: “Wait for me, Mamma!”

As she tip-toes through the snow, I see her so clearly. She has put on her big sisters jumper, which is way too big, and it looks like a long-sleeve dress over her bare legs. She had to take her pants off earlier, as she had been outside playing in the snow and they got wet, a few hours earlier. Our house is warm and snug, she reckons, and there really isn’t much need for pants anyway.

Her blonde, wavy hair is flowing down the back of her over-sized top, and the curls are bouncing up and down with every step she takes. It has been snowing lightly all day, and the path hasn’t been used for a few hours, so she needs to navigate her way through the snow without slipping and falling. The saucepan is still firmly in her hand, and the other one is moving around in some sort of a dance move I’m sure I’ll find in the ballet.

The snow flakes are finding their way to her locks, in a precise pattern of beauty, and they just lay there between her golden strands, twinkling in the outside light, like the sand on a sparkly beach. They are not melting – they’ve made their home there, on my three-year old girls’ head – and they are simply magical.

I see her.

As she is navigating her way through the masses, she turns around and looks at me, the snow crystals following along with the turn of her head. “Are you coming, mamma?” More and more snow is falling down, she pokes her tongue out to try to catch a few, and as she does, she breaks into the most adorable giggle. And her whole body smiles with her.

I look at her for a second, as she twists back and continues on to the storage to fetch her potatoes. I see her, and I see her happiness.

My girl is thriving, she is loved and she is a thing of beauty.

And she has snowflakes in her hair.



Start spreading the news!

I’m leaving tod- well, not today, but soon!

Before the weekend I wrote a post about how I wanted to share something fun and exciting for me, but then we got this blow that made me not excited anymore because I felt that I shouldn’t. I’m over it though, at least in the way that as long as I can’t do anything about it, I am not going to let that affect how I feel about other things.

When we knew we were going to be apart for such a long time, Simon and I were looking at ways we could see each other halfway, to make the separation easier for us. Then we were told that due to his work commitments, we couldn’t. Which was a bummer for us, but we figured we’ve done this before so just bring on the tough days.

Last week, though, we spoke on the phone and he mentioned it again. Why couldn’t I come all the way to see him? But between the travel time being almost as far as to Adelaide, and the cost going through the rood, we decided against it. Again, we said it would be great if we could meet up somewhere in the middle. “Why can’t we do that?” he said, and I once again reminded him of his travel restrictions, to which he said; “No, I’m sure I can make it happen.” We looked at prices for flights and accommodation and started getting excited about what we could possibly do if we were alone for a whole weekend, in one of the greatest cities in the world?

New York has been on my bucket list my entire life. So has seeing a musical on Broadway. And walking around in Central Park. That’s all I want to do. That’s all I NEED to do.

The next day we spoke again, and he had gotten in all confirmed; he could go away for the weekend to see me. Oh boy, we were excited, and Thursday afternoon I sat down at the computer and booked my tickets. The very same night I booked a hotel for us, and last night it was time to get him a ticket as well. And now the excitement is building!

I am still so excited about being able to go to New York, even for just a weekend! And of course, I am so excited about seeing Simon, I just can’t wait!! Really, I could stay in the worst hotel in the city and live off of old crumbs as long as I am with him – but now we get to have this experience together, in one of the awesomest places (that I have never visited…:P)!

I also just got my travel authorization, so now I am ready! I’ll be leaving in a little more than two weeks, and I am through the roof with excitement. We haven’t been alone together since before the kids were born, we’ve had close to 24 hours, so this is going to be an adventure (and a challenge, because suddenly, we are just us again!).

New York, I’m coming for you – bring all your awesomeness!