The post where I’m just rambling on about writing and also sharing a little secret

I have, so many times, said that I write because I need to. One of the ways I write is through this blog which, admittedly, has been sorely neglected this year and I am hoping to get back into it.
I write through different media. I sometimes write it all in my head and it never make it out on any paper, digitally or physically. Sometimes it is just a few lines on a piece of paper that happens to get thrown out with the rubbish clean-up that day. Sometimes it is elaborate, almost artistic lists. Sometimes it’s through making up stories and songs with the kids and a lot of the time, what I ‘write’ never gets actually written.
At school, I would always get excellent grades on my essays. It was always harder to stick to the facts – but once I was able to write whatever I wanted I was set. I do think I could do with a creative writing course because I have a bunch of stories in my head that I think need to come out somehow – even if it’s just to clear up space.
I always write much more and better when my head is a mess, though. I know some people need to seek out the quiet and tranquil to ease their mind and dig out the stories, but I am much more creative sitting around in my own little chaos. I also have so much more to say when I am upset – as many people are. The more upset I am, the more I write – and the more I write, the less upset I’ll be. It’s the circle of life for me.

I will let you in on a little secret though, and I don’t know if many expect this of me – but I am currently writing my own musical. I know, I know – it’s not a very common thing to be scribbling on about, but I have had this evolving story in my head for almost six years now, and over the course of these years, the story has slowly made its way from my head into a physical – actually saved it somewhere – space. Not all of it of course, but I still know the story. I have written a few of the songs (are they ready? Definitely not) – the storyline is pretty much there, and I have the list of characters in the show clear – and although the plot is fairly simple and I don’t write music – I still have a dream of finalising it sometime next year. It is in Norwegian, but if I can write it in Norwegian first, I can translate it to English later.
I don’t know what the process behind writing something like this is, but at least I am learning. And I may write it, even get someone to help me with the music – and then it ends up being just that – something I made. But still, it will be something I made and for me, that will be entirely and utterly amazing!

My efforts here will hopefully be better in the coming weeks, I want to do it and show more of what we have done this year so far, but I am making no promises!:)
(also, I think It’s about time we upgraded this header, right?)



The thing that sucks, though


One of the things we end up teaching our children is things such as work ethics, and morale and to work hard for what they want, to persist and keep trying and the fact that there will be a reward in the end is meant to motivate them and keep their spirits up and make them want to become even better and invest even more time and effort into the things they like because if you have a passion you should persue it and work on it. So your kids do their homework and sit still in class and hope that there will be a reward at the end of it. And then you have the disppointment when they learn their efforts and hard work and decency means nothing because at the end of the day it’s just a luck of the draw. Or the teacher might hate your guts. Or you look a bit funny or your name is hard to pronounce or you said something wrong one time because you were upset and that stuck forever.
Melodie, my eldest, has never won a yard award. At her school, the teachers who are on duty will write down the name of someone who is doing something good while they are playing outside and get to be in the running for a yard award. I can tell you now, that those who know Melodie knows she deserves one. She started a club with her best friend where the sole purpose is to look for people without anyone to play with – and ask them to play. She picks up rubbish in the yard and puts it in her lunchbox (hers is rubbish free) so we can put it in the bin. She comforts kids that have fallen and get them wet paper towels to put on their hurt. She is a fricking good kid, that one. Her heart is as big as the sun and deserves all the awards in the world, but this is one she won’t get. I told her about how – unfortunately – it doesn’t matter that she has her name in there ten times, as long as number eleven gets picked out. I told her that sometimes the world is bloody unfair (when last time a kid I saw kicking someone the day before got the award) – but that we still need to put in an effort and we still need to work our hardest. She understands, but I don’t think she likes it.

It doesn’t stop with kids though. The last few months have shown me exactly that. I always hoped that the older we’d grow the less we’d participate in a popularity contest and our efforts and values were worth more than your looks or age.
It really does suck when we put in all the effort. When we do our homework, help others, make ourselves available and offer ourselves up, do all the extra and give it our all. We can show up each and every time and make it our main priority. We can be strong and good and feel like we are nailing it at life – but then it turns out that nothing comes of it. It turns out that in the end, your face, your size, your popularity or who knows what else is all that matters. It doesn’t matter that others appreciate the efforts you put in when those in charge couldn’t care less about it. Your co-workers might love your presentation, but unless your boss stops hating your guts you’re never going to get that promotion.
It is a horrible feeling when you’ve been good at something in some peoples’ eyes but for others’ there is not even a place in the background.

It’s terrible when one day you feel wanted and special but the next you’re standing in the wings watching life pass by – thinking of all the things you could have done instead of the efforts wasted on the one thing you wanted to do. It is heart-breaking when the creeping feeling of self-doubt and loss of self-worth comes dawning on you – and the reflection that used to show someone confident and self-loving is now the image of unsurety and insecurity. Thinking back to what you said or did or lost or how you could have…

Knowing that it probably wouldn’t have mattered. If you had tried a bit harder. Hugged some more people. Loved a little extra. Laughed a bit further. Read the words again and again. Sure that it wouldn’t have made a difference – the story was already written and you never had a chance because sometimes it doesn’t matter how much you put in. It really doesn’t. If they hate your guts they hate your guts.
The thing is though, for me, and hopefully for my children as well, I will never actually stop. I will never give up. I will still be the one who sits up at night with the homework trying to perfect everything – as if it matters – even if I end up being a bench-warmer.

It’s funny though, how this has been a theme for me in life. Good enough, but never good enough for the ones who makes the decisions.

She’s already someone

Isn’t it odd, that someone can be so little, yet she’s already shaping into a person of her own? I mean, she’s my fourth, I should be used to this by now, but it still amazes me!

Like the fact that she will lie outside in her pram and just look up at the trees. We pick her up, and her eyes will search for the green leaves she used to have hanging over her. Like her own, natural mobile. Trees, in her opinion, are amazing. I can’t wait to take her for proper walks through the forest so she can explore all the trees by herself.

Then, she loves her dogs. A few of her toys are dogs – for no reason, and it was certainly not planned. But the dogs are kinda her favourites. Weirdly, to a small child, it is just colourful things, but the rest of us can see they’re dogs. And she loves them! Along with her sloth:) She’s my child in that way!

And she has this intense look. As if she’s checking you or something out. Half-squinting and half-pouting. Like a grandmother figuring out whether she likes her grandchilds’ new haircut. Or as if you just said something odd and she’s trying to decide whether she is angry or impressed. Like she is silently judging, but perhaps you deserved it?

All of my kids have been incredible sleepers, but this one takes the cake. She will definitely sleep anywhere, on anything, to any noise. I mean, she does love her blankelet cozied up next to her face for that ultimate, all night long sleep, but any other time, she will just close her eyes. Remarkable. The others needed at least some stimulation at this point in their lives. We are lucky!

She hugs! Most of the time, we’ll hold her, and her back is arched and torso twisted around so she can see as much as baby-ly possible – she doesn’t want to miss a thing. But then she can turn around and just give us a hug. Particularly after a bottle – still wide awake, so it’s not a cuddle-before-bed thing, and she will just give one – as if it’s a thank you hug❤️

l our kids have had weird nicknames since they were little, without much meaning. Aria is now Tink, as of this year. She thinks so much, we reckon, so but think is too 'much word' to bea name – Tink is just right:)

Weirdly enough I can also go on forever about her now, who knew there'd be so much material when she's only been around for a split second??

I love her though, keep giving me this, Tink😘



I’ll always return to the sea

Religiously, I have always been a bit different. I consider myself non-religious – an agnostic – but that is not completely true. You see, I’ve always had a deep and sincere respect and feeling of belonging for the powers of nature, and I often find myself trying to find peace by talking to the sky, the sun and the sea.

Nature has the power to give us life, to fuel us with energy, give us light and life – but at the same time she has the ability to cause such an intense destruction that we all must be careful to respect her. I know that today, I am not doing nearly enough to preserve what we have, but I know I have gotten better. Still, I can do more.

The sea is what gets me though. I have a Pocahontas-esque relationship to that deep, dark, salty body of fluid that surrounds all of us.

I still remember the longest time I have spent away from the sea, and in hindsight, it was a bit of torture. I do believe part of the reason for my misery was just that – I was positioned such a distance away from anything resembling waves and currents and it just didn’t feel right. I just didn’t know it. Living in Mildura and Robinvale at the time, I would seek the river on so many occasions, but I couldn’t get myself to love it. Yes, it was water, and yes, it had dangers and mysteries and some people absolutely loved it, but me? To me, it was just that; water running from one place that would eventually end up as the sea. Like an ocean-infant. I swam in it, sat by it, talked to it, but conveying my thoughts and spilling out my heart to this moving waterway never felt as soothing and calming as the changing tide and the waves crashing.

I didn’t know it, of course. I didn’t know how important the deep blue was for me. All my life I’d been surrounded by it – grown up by it, born only a few hundred meters from it. I would be able to take in its saline scent almost every single day of my childhood, only briefly interrupted by inland escapades. Many parts of my family made and still make their living based on the seas’ mere existence, my hometown was founded on the very same thing – the need for travelling across the large pool of mysterious body of water. And it wasn’t until I was far removed for some time, and then returned, that I realised I had missed it so. It wasn’t until I hopped on the tram on my first day in Adelaide and travelled down to the bay to walk out onto the jetty and was yet again able to communicate to her, that I knew I was back home again – together with the ocean. I made a promise to myself, that night, that I would never go that long before I go to see her again. She’s my biggest confidant, I share my husband and my children with her, and she calms me more than any drug or human could ever do. The sheer fact that she has the ability to, together with her friends; the other elements of the world, cause an insane amount of destruction only gives me more reason to have this on the brink of religious – spiritual – connection.

When we lived interstate, and was given a house mere meters from the shore, it was bliss. Yes, we were posted far away from all family and all the things that were known to us, but our relationship and family was thriving and growing, and I believe; much to the success of the ocean. Being able to visit every day and take in that ocean breeze caused our otherwise drama-filled living to reach a level of peace and tranquility we would never have reached without it. I am forever grateful for the sea and what she has given me.

Nothing calms me more than staring into the deep, dark unknown, and when there’s a storm surrounding me, I will always come back, to re-set and to refocus my thoughts.

I guess you could say I’m a bit religious after all.



Things I want my children to know

I am on holidays, and even though I have an assignment due, I made the mistake of downloading the Pinterest app again. If you already know about Pinterest you probably understand why it was deleted all the other times (probably five-ish).

Pinterest has lots of awesome ideas, however many of them only end up as inspiration, not necessarily guidelines. The last few days, it has showed me lots of resources about children – how to speak to them when they are upset, how to change the way we speak to them and many great ideas for them to help themselves too.

Now, there was one about manners, and what they should have learnt at certain ages etc, and although I agreed with most of the points, some of them were too contradictory and too much bull in my opinion.

It made me think though. I decided I’ll make a list over things I want my children to learn. Manners are great, and always great to be reminded of how we act and show respect, but my list is mostly about other life skills. I’m starting out with some things:

5 Things I want my children to learn before they turn ten:

1: How to pitch a tent or otherwise make shelter

We do go camping occasionally, but our tent is so big it needs a brain surgeon to get it up, it’s not quite the best way to learn. We do have smaller tents, and for them to know how to pitch them will be great! I also think that teaching them how to create shelter in nature when they have nothing else would be helpful. I used to be a Girl Scout, so I have a fair idea of how to do it, but If I were never shown, I wouldn’t have a clue! I also know how to create shelter in snow, but somehow I feel we need to work on that a bit later on:)

2: How to cook!

I’ve already started planning this for this year. I want the kids to know how to cook 20 things before they’re ten. Obviously, that doesn’t mean three course meals. If I can get five things taught every year from five, they’ll be pretty good by that stage. Melodie wants to learn her favourites first, and Sophia wants to learn how to make cake. So we will see how we go:)

3: How to start a fire 🔥

Growing up in Norway, we always had a fireplace. One of the jobs we had as kids, were fetching the firewood. Then an adult would start the fire. I can’t remember how old I was when I tried it for myself, but I’m pretty sure an 8-9 year old can learn how to do it. Obviously in Australia we don’t have a fireplace that we’ll light up for three quarters of the year, but we can make outdoor fires! As most people know, we can’t just throw a match at some sticks to create flames, and it does take some skill. I’m not going to start teaching them about running two sticks together just yet, but maybe that’s for the next bracket?

4: How to read music.

At least as much as I can! I don’t need them to know how to pitch a perfect C or hear any note and know which one it is, but I do want them to be able to read it out from sheet music and tell me which notes they are. I realise this is a ‘life skill’ that many people would see as unimportant, but to me, music is one of the most important things we have been gifted with, and having some music skills is awesome!

5: Most household chores:

Man, the amount of people who end up moving away from home with no household competence is astounding. I don’t need them to like it. I don’t need them to be great at it. But I do need them to learn how to vacuum, clean the floors, change their sheets and do the laundry. I do need them to know how to clean the toilets, fold their clothes and do the dishes. They are well on their way to knowing many of these, thank goodness, but they’re not ‘moving-out’ – ready just yet:)

What’s a life skill you think I should add to this list?

I think I’ll end up coming up with lots more things soon, but this is good enough for now:)



New Year – new goals?

Been thinking about New Years resolutions lately, and yesterday I went out to town with my friends, and throughout the night I was prompted to think about this a few times, and I think by now I’ve come up with some good ones.

I like to come up with something, but I try to do it so it is actually achievable, and make it generic enough so that I can tweak it a little. Can’t remember what I said last year, but personally, this has been one of my best years so far, so whether I’ve stuck to it or not, it’s been pretty good.

Here it goes:

1 – Call More People

You see, I have been blessed with a whole bunch of people who I love and adore and who always stay in my life no matter what, and it’s as if time and space doesn’t really exist, because as we meet again, all is good again. And even if I love that things are like that, I do find myself sometimes just wanting to talk. Facebook Messenger is never enough, yet I rarely pick up the phone to make a call (and people rarely call me either, so it’s not that I am just shitty, we all can be better at this:)) so my goal this year is to make more phone calls. At least once a fortnight! If you want to have a chat, send me your number, because I have probably lost it – this goes for new friends, old friends, family and others who may feel they want to talk to me:)

2 – Give Less Fucks

I mean, we all could do with caring less about what other people think and just go with it, but in my case it is just as much about what I think myself (Because often what I think myself is a construct of what I have been taught by society so by default, it is kinda still about other people). I need to allow myself to do the thing I want and not worrying about it being wrong or right or anything else. Wear the pretty dress on a Tuesday, put on the fancy shoes on a Sunday – Try the new funky hairstyle Right Now!

3 – Give The Compliments.

You ever see someone in public with an awesome new hairdo, or a beautiful dress – or hear someone laugh or smile and it makes you feel good? Or think happy things about your friends or their homes, or kids, or achievements?

We are really good at observing quietly, and I think about the things we observe, we are not always good at giving out compliments!

Unexpected, unsolicited compliments are amazing to receive, and sometimes it can change a persons day, so I will try to be better at throwing them around. People can never be too positive I reckon:D

So that’s mine, what do you think? Do you have any resolutions?



The Christmas Card 2017

What a massive year it has all been, and I am in the process of doing up a cavalcade of photos and events from the year, in three-month bulks (because otherwise it’ll be too long!) – but before then, and now that the house has finished yesterdays big day, as you may all know by now, our official Christmas celebration happened yesterday on Christmas Eve.

We have my sister and her boyfriend here with us this year, so it is a real treat with the majority of the Skingen ladies all gathered in the one house at Christmas, and the girls have been all excited about the Christmas holidays.❤️

The day yesterday was great, but I’ll get back to that later, for now I will leave you all with some gorgeous photos that serve as our Christmas card because they are amazing! (And I couldn’t possibly pick just one!)

(Thank you endlessly to Bec and Nat from Mason Digital for these beautiful photos (there’s heaps more from our photo shoot with the grandparents, but I’ll leave some for another day:)) and for just generally being overall amazing people this year <3)


For all the people posting their Christmas wishes on Facebook, I don’t have enough time in the day to like or comment, but I wish you all truly a wonderful holiday and may all your wishes and more come true!

XX, Line


There’s no Christmas without Pentatonix❤️ I was so lucky to get to see them last year and it was incredible! I probably posted this one last year, but it’s good enough to share again!

(Btw, it’s still the 3rd in Norway, so it counts:) BUT my app isn’t posting scheduled posts so it’s not really helping me with this:/)




Like the previous years I have promised my countdown calendar of Christmas songs is here again! Let’s see how successful I’ll be this year😂 also, many songs will probably be recycled from previous years, but I Do have favourites, so we just have to deal with it:)

Today I’m sharing this one, we have a Norwegian version of it as well, but this goes out to Jade and her family because she told me they love this one:)

I mean. It’s not a common version but the show this comes from is amazing❤️

Just like that

Having four kids means it’s not always easy to be spontaneous. Everything has to be accounted for. Nappy changes, diabetes stuff, food for baby, food or snacks for bigger kids/adults – change of clothing, depending on where we go and what we do, what about dinner? What about bed time? We have to get everyone ready and the more people we are the longer it takes and the more stuff needs to be figured out. We also tend to have our days filled with dancing and choir and other arrangements which means that at the end of the day, it ends up being just the end of the day.

I love it when we have a chance to be spontaneous though. Like today.

Simon went to pick up the girls from school today while I was shopping, and when I came home there was a message from Melodies violin teacher saying it was cancelled today, meaning our evening was open. Sure, the plan was to make lasagne and have a lovely dinner and whatever but we swapped it for an easy, not very healthy stop at Ikea for some quick hot dogs and a few hours at the beach😅

All day had been hot and sticky and being tied up with appointments and nursing a sore throats that’s hung around for over a week all I wanted to do was to jus get out and enjoy the sunshine. When Simon and the girls pulled up in the driveway I told them plans had changed and we all ran around getting changed into bathers and packing some clean undies and towels. We were out on the road before 4 and after our hotdog pitstop we landed at West Beach, my old beach, and all was good in the world.

Nothing beats the smell of saltwater, splashing kids and their excited laughter over the noises of dogs and seagulls while digging your feet into the sand with the water up to your knees. It always helps resetting everything inside me. If things are tense at home or stressful in other ways, the water just fixes things. Maybe we’ll revisit the idea of visiting all the beaches again this summer?

I do have, by the way, lots more to share. I’ve kinda disappear from here for a while, but not to worry, I’m back!



Just wonderful

It’s something about babies, you know. They’re just so… tiny, and gorgeous and cute and adorable and every little face they make, even the scrunched up weird ones make me laugh and smile. Even their cries and whinges and screams seem to make my heart dance and sing.

I mean, the act of growing a baby and making a baby is pretty awesome, but raising a child, being a parent – man, that is pretty spectacular. Being the first one to hold them in the morning and the one they look around for once they hear your voice – it’s priceless.

And then you look at them, and remember that this little child, only days, weeks and months old – is going to be an actual person one day. Sure, they technically are a person since they were born, but while they are so tiny it’s hard to imagine them being teachers or waiters or doctors or bus drivers or whatever they end up doing in their lives. It’s impossible to know what they’ll look like, what interests they are going to have, what their favourite food will be. Will they like books? Tractors? Fairies? Robots? Are they musically inclined? Do they love numbers? Are they athletic? Do they look at the stars at night and imagine themselves amongst them?

Are they going to change the world with their words? Are they going to change the world with their actions? Are they going to be the world for someone else? Are they going to bring joy and happiness to a world of people? Or maybe just to one particular special one?

Or maybe they are not…?

Funny little creatures aren’t they. Those miniature persons who has no choice but to trust the people around them. Trust that they will be fed, clothed, loved and looked after. It is so scary and a privilege to know that we have been chosen to do this job, to be the very few they trust, to be the providers of good. We can’t mess up. We won’t mess up. It is too important.

Funny little people. Babies, with all the potential in the world to be very bit as unique and special as the next person, with so many options and opportunities. It’s scary. With so many privileges, how can they fail? What if they fail? What if they fail, and because they fail, with all their options and opportunities and success stories and everything in the world, what if their failure breaks them?

It’s scary raising children in this environment. I just want them to be little and innocent and know that they can do whatever they want. And it doesn’t have to be grand. Or extraordinary. Or fantastical. But it does need to be enjoyable. And fun. And them. It does need to be worthwhile. And inspiring. And them.

I need them to know that failing is okay. Right now, I look at them, and the excitement of conquering and mastering is massive, but their struggle to get there is he most important. I need to keep reminding them how fun and educational and inspiring failing can be. I need to fail in front of them and show them how to successfully fail.

Funny little creatures aren’t they. Sleeping, one in here, one in there, two over there. Best friends forever, enemies throughout life. But they will be there for each other, as will I. They will conquer fears and succeed in challenges and one day, if they decide to settle, they will start the cycle again.

It’s scary raising children. But it is thrilling and exciting and messed up all the same.

And while they are this tiny, just shy of three months, they are just wonderful.



Eleven Weeks

If you follow my Instagram you might realise it’s mostly pictures of baby Aria the last few months. Understandably, since I take most photos of her, and since she changes more quickly. I will obviously include the others, but she’s just so squishy and snugly and awesome I can’t keep myself from posting!

Today marks eleven weeks since she was born, and it’s crazy, it seems like so much more! But I’m glad it’s not more, I’m glad she is still tiny and adorable – the calm before the storm:)



Wednesday Words

I just recently started reading some poetry blogs. And it has made me write so much more, so much more about all the things I am invested in in life. But it all makes

Me emotional and I cry. And so often I’m not even sure why. So I wrote this. If I end up writing actual good stuff I’ll post it on Wednesdays. If I remember:)



One week down!

School holidays are always either very exciting or very boring, depending on what we end up doing. I always try to plan every day, but in the recent holidays I’ve packed too much in and ended up either stressing too much or get nothing done because it is all too much.

This time I’ve decided to take a different approach. Only a few things were definite plans and quite a lot have been changeable, which has so far proved handy! Other times I have felt like the kids have ‘missed out’ if plans fall apart or change, and that does no good for my own mental health!

Overall, the girls really enjoy playing with each other, the ‘Close in age will pay off after a while!’ mantra we’ve heard and spoken a thousand times is really ringing true. Being able to just tell them to go and entertain themselves and they’ll actually do it is fantastic.

I usually spend a day or so cooking, baking and preparing food for the next term of school, so once we’re back the mornings become less hectic. The truth is that lunch bag packing, however easy I make it for myself, is not nearly the worst offender in the mornings, but knowing I have more than just sandwiches and apples ready for them makes me feel better (and helps me out when I forget/am too lazy to do the shopping!). I am meant to have this day tomorrow, but because I have kept all options open, I have already done a fair bit of preparations and have stacked the freezer with smoothies, quesadillas, ham and cheese scrolls, pre-made filled rolls, polarbrød (a scandi type of flat bread) and paniske roll ups. We are continuing on with cloud jellies, mini quiches, cinnamon scrolls and popcorn balls – which are all planned for tomorrow. We will see how it all goes:) We bought a new secondhand freezer for $25 the other day and I promised Simon I’d fill it up quickly – so far so good!

The girls have had a few playdates, today we had someone ask us to come along to Inflatable world, this massive indoor bouncy castle place with all sorts of inflatable things for the kids to go crazy on. I forgot to take pictures of them though, but they were pretty exhausted! Yesterday they went to see a new fountain nearby, which soaked them, we went home to change, then to a playground that has a water feature as well, so they were soaked yet again. They loved it though, and with the hot weather they wouldn’t have it any other way!

Simon always finds jobs for them to do, and they absolutely do not mind at all, like Saturday when he decided to paint the trailer, here we are, three days later and two showers later, there’s silver paint in their hair and ears still but they had a blast!

One more week to go before school returns! We have zoo plans and beach plans and city plans – fingers crossed they all happen!:)




Okay so it has been WAY too long since I wrote something here, and I’ve been kinda itching to get something written down. So here comes a big one. I mean, this will be a long one, so hold on tight.

First things first – Aria!

I think I posted stuff about her just after she was born, and then it’s been silent. But no more!

She is a gorgeous little baby girl – and very much just like her older sisters. She treats us well, sleeps all night long and just eats and naps during the day. She has the most gorgeous smile and her cooing melts our hearts more every time we hear her. The girls are loving her more and more, but now, after nearly ten weeks, they’ve calmed down slightly. I can now trust them to actually let her sleep at times, although there are still some fights about who gets to cuddle and hold and feed and all sorts.

For those wondering, I am not breastfeeding still. When she was discharged from the hospital she was slightly jaundice and was close to needing treatment. We think that, because of this, she was not eating well and she was very tired and lethargic for the first week, and with my milk production never having been very high, she had to use so much effort to actually feed that she’d fall asleep before she got a proper feed. She continued to lose weight rather than gain it, and after having discussed it with the nurse that came to our house, I sent Simon straight to the shop to get formula. She is now happy, and growing, and such a content little baby girl. Aria has come with me to several things, workshops in musical theatre singing, concerts and make-up parties – and all her extra aunties over here adore her, which makes bringing her even easier!:) We love her and feel so blessed to have her with us, doting over her like crazy😊 More updates will come – preferably more frequently!

If there was ever any doubt as to what kind of person Sophia is, it has become even more evident in the last few months. After Aria came along, she has been so extra caring towards her, but struggled a bit with adjusting in the first few weeks. She really let us know through her behaviour that she was not getting as much attention, but it has settled now, and now she is being her normal ratbag self😊

If you are a facebook friend you may have seen a while back that she ended up in hospital; here’s the full story.
I went to see a movie with a friend. We had wanted to see the movie for a few weeks, and we finally made time to see it. I think it may have been the first night of leaving Simon at home alone with all four girls at once? We sit down to watch it, when both of our phones go off. I didn’t notice mine, as it was on the next seat, but Jess did, and apparently it was me, trying to contact her and my friends. Turns out it was Simon, logged into my messenger, ringing out an SOS to whoever was with me at the movie to get in contact with me. Sophias hand got slammed in the door. Her finger was badly injured. We didn’t know how bad it was, but Jess and I both decided to leave the movies to help him, as he said ‘Going to the hospital now’. With all four kids in the car, we ended up at the hospital right at the same time as them, and barefoot and in odd clothes as they were all getting ready for bedtime when it happened, we all walked in to the Emergency room. I am very glad Jess decided to come with me, as we were able to just leave Ricky and Mel with her in the waiting room, as they ushered us through immediately. You know when you don’t have to wait that things are pretty bad.
Simon and I sat with Sophia while the doctors and nurses came around to see it, and once they took her little tissue off  it looked bad. I mean, in my eyes, the top part of the thumb looked as if it was coming off, but I am thick-skinned and can handle it – even so, it made me cringe. Simon has a worse time with these kind of things, and I felt really bad for him having to deal with this on his own on the one night I went somewhere by myself. Jess and I ended up taking the other girls home and put them to bed, and Simon arrived home with Sophia not too long after. He was to take her to the city to a different hospital in the morning to have surgery. Poor Sophia had to fast, and wasn’t happy in the morning, but they got up bright and early on the Saturday morning. Eagerly waiting for updates from Simon, I waited until the other girls woke up before we got dressed and headed off to meet them at the hospital. They waited and waited for her to be called in, and the poor girl was still fasting. Simon went home with the other kids, and I stayed. It wasn’t until just before midnight they finally took her in to have her operation, after she had been starving all day. The surgery went well, and after a few weeks of wearing a hammer on her hand, her bandage came off, and even though her nail has come off, the rest of it looks fine. It was about 45 percent cut off, but no bones broken or cracked, which was very lucky!
She has, since then, celebrated her fifth birthday, a Unicorn themed party with dress ups, rainbow cake and good old-fashioned Norwegian fishing game – the first time she got to invite her own friends to a party! She was given an abundance of Unicorn stuff, a pogo stick and loots of other amazing presents:D I think she had the best day in her life, and she’s already planning next years party.
Other than the interesting events, Sophia has continued to be her amazing self, and after having become one year older, she reckons she is MUCH better at everything now😊

My little baby is not so little anymore now! It’s amazing how much they grow up when they suddenly have all this extra responsibility – or maybe that just means that I can see it better? Ricky is an amazing helper with Aria, and has no problem fetching things for me when I need to change her or feed her or need someone to keep putting her dummy back in when she spits it out😊 We knew she would be, but she has proven herself to be quite the excellent big sister to Aria, and I think she will continue to thrive and grow in this role. Ricky is ready to start school next year she reckons, and she is so much looking forward to me making her lunches (because it is obviously the most important thing during the school day!:))

Right now she is finishing off  an ear infection which has made her almost deaf and it is so funny and frustrating but she genuinely can only hear if I scream loudly enough. It has lead to a few hilarious mix-ups and misunderstandings. She is getting better luckily, which is good!

Nothing much exciting has happened in Melodies life in the last few months, but for her that is not necessarily  a bad thing! She has really stepped up and been super helpful with the baby and everything else at home, which is great. We’ve decided to quit gymnastics for her after these school holidays, after nearly three years of going there she has virtually learnt nothing, and by now they haven’t even tried to make the effort of teaching her things such as cartwheels and handstands – she can forward roll and that’s it. So I have had enough. She never been very athletically inclined, but I have never seen them actually making the effort to try to teach her, so I’ve had enough. She decided to do more dancing next year instead, which she has loved doing this year, and I fully support that. They actually care about their dancers doing well and learning, so I’m sure this will be the right choice for her. (and just for the record, I don’t actually care about how good my children are at dancing or sports or these tings, I care about their enjoyment – BUT throwing money at people who don’t even care to try to teach her? Nah…)

Aah what can I say about Simon. You’d think a man so outnumbered by girls would struggle, but although life throws spanners in the works all the time – he has done nothing but shine and become even more adorable and loving with the new person in our life. He goes to work – does what he does, then comes home and cuddles them all as if that was all he was ever meant to do in his life. He has also tried out a new adventure in life which is quietly excited about, so I know he will be doing well😊 He has had bad luck fishing lately, but managed to catch a couple of feeds yesterday, so he’s been brought back to life a little 😀 We did celebrate fathers day, with cake and presents and big big breakfasts, which, according to the girls, was the best fathers day ever:D



And me. As expected, my recovery after surgery was relatively quick and easy. It didn’t take long before I was able to be out and about and hang out with friends, and show off Aria and do things I enjoy doing. Some people might think it’s early for me to want to do those sort of things, but as long as I feel great and can bring my baby with me, I have no issues. The fear of missing out can be strong sometimes, and not  needing to is also good for my mental health as well😊 I’ve also just finished the second trimester of studying, doing another unit of German. I have, understandably, been a little busy, so I am hoping I managed to wing my way through the exam. I am loving spending my days with our little tiny one, and I think that, because I know she is our last one, I am soaking it all in even more now than before. I love her ❤


What have we done?

Life after having a newborn isn’t necessarily the most exciting, so we haven’t been doing too many things. We did have my sister coming to visit and see Aria – and while she was here we went to the Royal Adelaide Show (somewhat of a tradition now, third year in a row for us!). Aria got to go on her first carousel ride, and we had a great day out just like the previous years. We tried one of the roller coasters I thought was going to kill me, but otherwise it was all good😊 We’ve been playgrounding and playdating and Ikea’ing and beach’ing and now that the spring is well and truly here, we will be doing the latter a lot more! I’ve watched a couple of shows, In the last week I got to see Les Miserables (my favourite, and yes, I cried the whole way through) and a play called Men Behaving Badly which my friend is in:) One of the best things about living in Adelaide is that there is always so many things to see!



The future?
In a few weeks, we are having visitors from Norway arriving, and once they leave, I have another friend from Norway coming to see us, so we will be very busy in the coming months, but it is the kind of busy I am loving, so bring it on! Very, very  excited to see these people, and I will probably cry many happy tears<3
Christmas is coming soon, and I am hoping it will be a good one this year, I have started shopping and planning for it, and will continue probably until Christmas actually arrives! Our first Christmas as a ‘complete’ family is going to be Awesome:D Next year, if all plans come to fruition, Christmas shall be white!
Right now, we have school holidays for a few weeks, and we have many plans! I will try to write more often, so maybe some pictures from school holidays will pop up here too😊 Today we are going to Ikea (a standard thing in the holidays) and yesterday the girls had a playdate with some friends (One who is Sophias boyfriend:)). Hoping the weather holds up!

Lastly, I just really need to say something. The last few weeks/months have been sad for one reason. Australia has decided to survey the nation to see what their opinion on same-sex marriage really is. For someone who’s from a country where it has already been in place for so long, I can hardly fathom how it is even possible to NOT have it in a country like Australia. And it has made me so so sad for so many of my friends who this directly impacts. Having random strangers cast a vote on other peoples love and relationships is beyond me and it has brought out so much ugly in people. In my eyes, it is downright bullying and just horribly mean. I need to say that for all the people out there, friends of mine or not, I feel for you and I am horrified that you guys have to go through this at this time – and I hope you all know that there are literally millions of us standing with you, and soon, soon, this will all be history! Until then, I’m sending all the love out to all the LGBTQI people out there, and I can’t wait until we can all celebrate your love and shoot rainbow confetti bombs onto all the nay-sayers<3


R u OK?

Today is R u Okay day in Australia, a day which encourages people to ask their friends and colleagues and family and strangers if they are okay and to start a conversation with people who might be struggling. As someone who has been and still am affected by mental health issues I think the idea behind this is great, and if we all asked just one person how they are going, we might be able to help make the world a little bit better for that person.

I sometimes just need to cry. Just put on a sad song or a song that means lots to me, and let the tears flow. Maybe I’ve been holding it in because of the kids, or maybe there’s too much evil in the world or maybe I have no reason but crying will make me feel better.

This is one of my favourite crying song. Even if I am all fine and all good, this will make me cry and no matter how good I am feeling before – this clears out the bad I didn’t know was there before. Crying is good! Crying is okay! And crying can make you a stronger person:)

I hope you are okay, but if you are not – speak up! Tell someone, anyone. Or me, tell me – I am all ears!


Brb, tearing up again:)



10.02 – the final puzzle piece

10.02 yesterday our family was completed. Yesterday my mind was numb after seeing our beautiful fourth daughter emerge from my own body. Yesterday I was sure that perfection had hit us. And it surely did.

Words fail when trying to describe the happiness and euphoria that comes after having a baby. And when trying to describe how perfect and flawless she is.
Welcoming our gorgeousness to the world was so easy, yet emotional in many ways. We knew she is meant to be our last one. We know that all the things we do with her now is the last time we will do for the first time again. Yet, she is so amazing and beautiful that I cannot fathom how we even made her.

We have named her Aria. Choosing her name was not an easy feat, but now, after she got to choose between our own selections, it has been decided. Presenting Miss Aria Archer Skingen Koch to the world makes us so incredibly proud!


The semantics, for those interested;

She was delivered by c-section, with a perfect spinal which meant we only stayed in recovery for the minimal time (and could have gone back earlier if needed). I was up on my feet after not too long, and although i had to stay on a drip over night it is all good now and I've been walking around the room in not much pain at all and being able to get out of bed has been so good:)

She was 51,5 cm long with 3,59 kg on her, which makes her overall the smallest baby of ours, lightest, but the second shortest!

So far she seems to be feeding well and being quite calm and content so we're obviously hoping this stays the same forever, however babies are unpredictable, so we'll see what happens. Also, happy to continue breastfeeding if she is happy, but my previous history with this means that we will be ready to make the change if needed.


Her gorgeous, black hair took us by surprise since all the others have been blonde beauties, but there's nothing wrong with completing the set:) Now, we are not sure what her eye colour is, since they are still so dark, however I think they seem slightly more blue than brown at the moment. But we will see. At the moment she is a dark beauty and we couldn't be happier – such a stunning little girl. But I am obviously biased and totally in love<3

Here are a few photos of our little cutie, for those who are here for that (and I assume you are, since you're here anyway:))

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm up for cuddles<3



Luckily, I recover well

I’ve now had three c-sections with my children. I don’t regret any of them. Obviously. Some people take a very long time to recover and can be in pain for ages, not being able to walk properly for a long while, but I am very lucky it hasn’t been the case for me.
When Melodie was born, I was up walking within a few hours, itching to get out of bed. A few short weeks after, Simon and I were up in the hills downhill-skiing and having a blast while my mother was babysitting her in the warm cafeteria. It was awesome – and no one would have believed I had my stomach cut open less than twenty days earlier.
When Sophia was born, we travelled to Sydney a week later to meet with some friends from Norway, without any issues at all. And I believe it was after Sophia’s delivery I went kneeboarding and tubing behind our boat within the first month as well (although this could have been after Ricky, I am not a hundred percent sure..:)).
Ricky’s delivery was a tiny, slightly more complicated as my stitches needed re-doing, but it didn’t stop me from auditioning for the musical Chicago (and getting in!) – dancing along to ‘All that Jazz!’, a couple of weeks after she was born.
I know I am lucky to recover well from any surgery I have ever had, like when I had my tonsils removed and the three other girls in our room were vomiting and crying through the night; I woke up asking for ice cream and really could have gone home on the day. That’s not to say I will do the same this time, so I’m keeping my options open, but at least I know the chances of me being up and running in no time after is fairly large.
I have no place to be or people to see or anything that I know I need to do – but it’s nice to know that the new arrival might be just as easy on my body as the previous ones. And if it takes longer to recover, I will be fine with that too:)



One thing that’s so awesome about kids is their individualism. Their ability and want to be themselves in a world where adults and teenagers are told to conform and follow the rules of society. I do think I try to help them nourish their indivisualism by listening to their wants, but it isn’t always easy.

Yesterday we went to buy new sneakers for Sophia. We went straight to the section for girls, picked up some cute pink and purple ones, and she just stands there shaking her head, clearly not impressed. Then I remember: she doesn’t like pink anymore.

‘Which colour do you want then, Sophia?’ I ask encouragingly and she looks back at me with a shrug, ‘ Green or Blue, but I can’t see any.’ And she’s right, nowhere on the rack do they have any other colours than various pinks and sparkles and other pretty shoes. By now we all know that shows don’t carry a big variety, this is not a complaint, (although I do wish there were more varied colour choices for kids) it’s just a bit disheartening when she wants green, and there’s none!

I tell her to move to the next one, where the boy shoes are. We find some blue ones and green ones and obviously she goes: ‘but they’re boy shoes?’ The quick thinking in my head to find the right words and I give it a go: ‘Do you know what they are? They are green shoes. They have been made in the same factory, came here in the same truck, and were put on the rack by the same people. That’s all. The only difference is that they are hanging on this rack. And they’re not pink.’ Nailed it. She tries on the shoes, runs around half the store to see if they are good for running, and she tells me she wants them.

I try to teach them tolerance and openness to the world. I try to show them that just because one person says something is a rule, it doesn’t make it right. We’ve looked at pictures and YouTube clips of guys wearing makeup, girls wearing ‘boy clothes’ and guys dressing up in dresses. I don’t want them to conform to the standards the world is setting, unless it is what they want for themselves, and if they want to wear a tutu, jeans and gumboots all in the same outfit, I say go for it. I see lots of mums who ‘dress up’ their kids and make them into their own little dolls, and although many of them might enjoy it, I bet some wishes they could wear just trackies and boots and jump in the mud. What you wear is never who you are.

My gorgeous, curious individuals – looking at snails.

We are not raising ‘pretty girls’ – We are raising them to be who they are – green shoes, pink shoes or no shoes at all.



Getting better

My last post was not a cry for help, but I think it helped me get my butt into gear and sort some things out. I did clean out the baby’s bed so there’s somewhere to rest. The car seat is well and truly on its way (we had preordered it, but hadn’t provided the last details:p), and I’ve ordered a brand new pram for baby!

It was funny though, as a friend came to my house the day after the last post, bringing a pack of nappies with her:) A split second of confusedness before I realised what had occurred and how lovely it was to suddenly have one minor thing in order simply because of someone else:) 

I have since purchased more nappies, a whole heap of wipes, wash mitts, beanies, baby soap and nipple cream – and am in the process of acquiring some brand new bottles and some dummies to begin with. We still have the old bottles from Ricky in the cupboard, so it’s not like we need many, but the feeling of having one or two brand new ones to start is nice. And the other girls have had no issues taking to dummies – and weaning off them when we’ve wanted them to, so our plan is to stick to what we’ve known so far:)

A few more things on the list to tick off, but not much that won’t be quick and easy. Tomorrow I will order a breastpump and a wrap ( I’ve never used a wrap before, and I do have a carrier, just don’t feel it will be warm enough, maybe I’m just weird:)).

I’m getting some new towels for bubs once I make it to IKEA (which is kinda like a given during school holidays anyway) together with the other things that’s needed from there! 

Sometimes all I need is to bring some accountability about and at least now I can say we are close! Obviously, today, we are three weeks from due date, which is quite crazy! But lots of fun 😀 the kiddies are sooo excited and really can’t wait 😊 



Totally underprepared 

When I look at the list of stuff that I’ve made with all things to get ready before baby arrives, I see that I am totally underprepared. I don’t know why, exactly, but we have all the clothes out and ready to go, but the changetable has not been assembled, the bed is full of other stuff that has sorta just been chucked in there ‘for now’ – and there’s not a nappy in sight!

I have plans of making it all happen though, but I keep feeling like it’s not needed yet. But now, now that we are only four weeks away from due date, now might be the right time to get it all into gear, right?

I guess part of it is that I have three already, and I don’t feel that stressed. I know what’s needed and not (I mean, we DO need nappies and a place to sleep for bubs…:)) and I know that most things are easily accessible. Particularly now that we actually live somewhere central! With the two previous ones we were so far away from shops it needed to be planned, and with Melodie we were in Norway, with shops not opened Sundays, and only barely on Saturdays. Right now, everything is open whenever we will need it (pretty much). That means that if we decide to bottle feed, I can have Simon go to the shop and be back within half hour with formula and whatever else is needed. So I don’t technically need to plan for this. It will happen though, trust me:)

Another reason why is probably because I actually don’t feel very pregnant. I have not gained weight, I feel I’m not waddling or walking funny, and despite some heartburn, trouble bending down and the constant need to pee, plus the little tiny tumbler inside, I don’t feel particularly pregnant. Which is good! I mean, people ask me if I’m sick of it already, and my general answer is ‘No, I am just impatient…’ I am perfectly fine, and could be pregnant for a few months more – it’s just that I am impatient and want things (body-wise) back to normal, and also obviously don’t want to have to wait for the gorgeousness to come out so we can say hello for the first time.

I’m guessing in a weeks time things will be slightly more organised. But who knows:) at least Simon will have a few days before we return home from hospital to set it all up, right?



Day four – what I am afraid of

Gosh, what a tricky thing to have to talk about. It’s been nearly two years since I discovered I have anxiety, so it’s put the fear-question differently than before.

As previously mentioned, I have a phobia of moths, but outside of that, pretty much all of my fears are tied up to the kids. I think I may have been more fearless before I had them, but now I have all these other issues and worries about their futures and their mental Health  and whether the choices we make for them are the right ones. I am afraid of all the negative things on the outside that I can’t protect them against, and as much as I can try to prepare them and stand by their side, there’s so much scary stuff out there, and finding the balance between cotton-wooling and letting them build up their resilience is challenging!

Another thing I am afraid of is rejection. I know it might sound like something one shouldn’t have issues with as an adult, but I have found I really take it to heart if I put myself out there and don’t get anything in return. I know that so many factors have a say in why and how, but I still feel it. Obviously it’s an oxymoron that I also love doing shows, meaning I need to audition for them, hence the chance for rejection is absolutely there! But I will always try and then take the blow (and learn from it) whenever it happens:)

Lastly, I think we can all admit that the level of fear overall in the western world is rising, and seeing all the horrible things that are occurring all over the planet island scary. I just hope the worlds leaders can find solutions and fix the problems so there is a safe future for all our kids and grandkids❤️❤️❤️


Day 3 – favourite quote 

I don’t think I have one favourite quote. I mean, that’s pretty impossible. But there are a couple of quotes from some of my favourite shows throughout my life that will always mean lots to me:

And obviously from an inspiring genius:

And like Forrest Gump said 

Life is like a box of chocolates… You’ll never know what you’re gonna get:)