Day four – what I am afraid of

Gosh, what a tricky thing to have to talk about. It’s been nearly two years since I discovered I have anxiety, so it’s put the fear-question differently than before.

As previously mentioned, I have a phobia of moths, but outside of that, pretty much all of my fears are tied up to the kids. I think I may have been more fearless before I had them, but now I have all these other issues and worries about their futures and their mental Health  and whether the choices we make for them are the right ones. I am afraid of all the negative things on the outside that I can’t protect them against, and as much as I can try to prepare them and stand by their side, there’s so much scary stuff out there, and finding the balance between cotton-wooling and letting them build up their resilience is challenging!

Another thing I am afraid of is rejection. I know it might sound like something one shouldn’t have issues with as an adult, but I have found I really take it to heart if I put myself out there and don’t get anything in return. I know that so many factors have a say in why and how, but I still feel it. Obviously it’s an oxymoron that I also love doing shows, meaning I need to audition for them, hence the chance for rejection is absolutely there! But I will always try and then take the blow (and learn from it) whenever it happens:)

Lastly, I think we can all admit that the level of fear overall in the western world is rising, and seeing all the horrible things that are occurring all over the planet island scary. I just hope the worlds leaders can find solutions and fix the problems so there is a safe future for all our kids and grandkids❤️❤️❤️



Day 3 – favourite quote 

I don’t think I have one favourite quote. I mean, that’s pretty impossible. But there are a couple of quotes from some of my favourite shows throughout my life that will always mean lots to me:

And obviously from an inspiring genius:

And like Forrest Gump said 

Life is like a box of chocolates… You’ll never know what you’re gonna get:)



Day Two – 20 facts about you!

I will try to find unique facts, but I tend not to hide much of myself so we’ll see:)

1: I share my birthday with my grandmother AND my uncle! Makes it easy to remember:)

2: I wouldn’t call myself an excellent boat-driver – as I once crashed one onto another!

3: Not terribly good with bikes either, having had a very close call colliding with a car as well! It took years and moving to Australia before I rode one again. 

4: I have a phobia of Moths (and butterflies, but mostly moths.) which is called Mottephobia.

5: My favourite colour is Yellow.

6: There’s a place in Norway that always makes me cry, for no particular reason, but whenever I go there, I always have a cry. It’s like therapy, I suppose!

7: I have one tattoo, that I got when I was eighteen, of three paw prints in succession, representing the the past, present and the future. Oh, and dogs:)

8: I have been writing since I learned how to. Songs, poetry, random stuff – all the time. I used to dream of being a singer-songwriter once. Now I just dream of completing a musical with me friend:)

9: I played football for many years, and we did quite well! Although I could only play in one position. I was a goalie, and was given the nickname ‘The Wall’😂😂😂

10: The reason why I quit playing was due to one lady coach we had who made me miserable, and to this day I have still not been able to forgive her for treating me like crap:(

11: I learned how to play the clarinet and alto saxophone, but although I still have a sax I hardly take enough time to play it, which is sad…

12: I used to do singing lessons, but I kid you not: Every single one of my teachers ended up pregnant! I eventually quit as the inconsistency in singing styles meant I virtually learnt nothing – and if I ever do singing lessons again, it needs to be from a Male…:)

13: I don’t really like milk. I can drink it, but it has to be super cold and as fresh as possible (and not full cream) – as if it has never even smelt the air! But I try to stay away…

14: Both of my families in Norway, plus Simons are all fishing people, with long traditions of fishing themselves, working on fishing boats and eating lots of fish. You’d think I’d be good at it, but I’m not really.

15: My favourite subjects in School were English and Maths, and I did very well in both – luckily I’ve got to use at least one of them substantially since then!

16: Favourite holiday: Christmas, with the 17th of May a close second. Can’t rally celebrate them well enough here in Aus though, so I can’t wait to do it properly in Norway again!

17: I used to not be a goood swimmer, like at all. But moving to Australia has forced me to learn and be much better, so Yay for that!:D

18: I also used to be much more politically involved in my home country. Education politics is what started it all, and one particular organisation roped me in and ignited my love for all things organisational:)

19: I was a bit of a nerd, (still am, probably) and in my senior year I was the head prefect in my school, and was also voted in as President of the senior students (you know, the crazy bunch of red or blue dressed youngsters getting drunk for a month?).

20: Apart from the tiny jobs I had as a back packer, I have only ever worked in hospitality, and I love it! If don’t get to work as a teacher, it wouldn’t bother me one bit if I stayed in that industry for the rest of my life:)

(Just for a picture of this damn cute girl instead of me (I gave you one yesterday, geez!))

Day One

I posted this yesterday, and so I can’t really fail on the very first day, right? It’s just that I found this one category quite boring:) but I’ll follow the rules!

So here’s my introduction:

My name is Line. I grew up in a small coastal town on an island in Norway with the ocean in front of me and mountains behind me. I grew up wanting to be a vet, and going to Australia for my studies, but once my ‘professional’ mind changed, my urge to travel grew stronger. As soon as it was possible for me, I hopped on the airplane and flew halfway across the world to see the beauty that is Australia.

Many coincidences later, I ended up in Adelaide. And yet more crazy turns of events landed me in the arms of my now amazing husband.

I am still here, in Adelaide, with soon four children, happily married and living a pretty good life! My urge to travel is still strong, but I’m happy to travel across alternative worlds through musical theatre for now, which stills my wandering mind while it’s happening:)

That’s a little bit about me – and I thought I’d gift you all with an actual realtime photo of myself:) 35 weeks pregnant, alone with three girls – no makeup, and only going partially insane!



18 – Something old

I was driving around looking for a cool, old tree, because cool, old trees are awesome, but I happened upon this church instead, which is nearly 150 years old – so I reckon it qualifies:)

This is the church in One Tree Hill which is right up the hill from where we live, a cute little village so close to the city, but with such a country feel yet!:) I remember the first time I drove through here, I made Simon stop to take a photo of me with the sign, as my favourite tv show of all times is ‘One Tree Hill’ and now we live only minutes away! It’s funny where life takes us isn’t it! 



9 – Something small

You may not know this, but today is World Diabetes day. I took a screen shot of the google front page who has changed their front page in honour of this day – which makes me so happy! Such a small thing for them to do, but it still means a lot to many out there. I told Melodie about it and she was very happy. Now she wants to work for Google:)



Back again

The long holiday here in Norway have been great, but there have been some of my dear old friends I haven’t had a chance to meet. Some of them have moved away from their hometown, and haven’t been home since Christmas, and when I had a chance to go to Trondheim for a visit (not sure if I invited myself or not, but a yes is a yes, right?:)) I had to go! I had a great weekend catching up with her and although I arrived home a few hours after midnight on Monday morning, it was totally worth it and I will be sure to invite myself back there next time I’m in the country!:)

But now I am back here, and, because I have already handed in the first essay for Uni, I now have ‘only’ the weekly tasks for a bit, so I figured for this weeks (and only one week this time) challenge, I’ll finish three of the books I am reading. I have three books that are readings for the unit, and one that I started on my way to New York which never made it any further than halfway. It is a short one, so it should be fine. I am almost done with two of the three readings for Uni, so if I can finish them I will be thrilled!

I wrote a blog entry a few months ago, about a reading challenge, and when I finish these three books, I’ll be able to tick off some of the boxes there:) Which is pretty good!

I hope people are having a great Easter out there, we are staying home and just hanging out this one, but hope others have great skiing weather and stuff!:)




I’ve always loved reading, and since I was little, I went through books like crazy, a trait Melodie also certainly has. Nowadays I find her reading some of the books i went through as a child, and looking through them it almost makes me emotional as all the memories of the stories and tales and rhymes come flooding back to me! 

 Some of them have stuck with me forever, and I needed only see the book to remember them. I have read and translated some of my favourites to my girls, and you could even have seen me sitting down and reading them to myself on a late night! This series had several books and I knew them all by heart.There was one about food and cooking, one about the ‘olden days’ and one for Christmas. I believe the whole collection is still here!



This Old House

I am currently living in my childhood home – the house I was moved into by my parents only weeks after being born. This is my Home with a big H, and nothing will really surpass it.

However there is one more house in my life I cherish just as much – my Mormors house. I could probably go on forever about the memories I have of that house. Of the nights spent sleeping in on of the many bedrooms. Playing outside, running around the side of the house chasing each other. Sitting on the bottom of the steps with my late grandfather, having him make us wooden figurines. Spending weekends and holidays there, evenings spent aggressively playing monopoly, or the local version, which I have never seen in anyone else’s house. Chinese checkers. Hearing the old tales of the monster under the jetty. Eating waffles or sweet buns or pizza or cake lovingly and abundantly prepared by mu granny. Walking down to the slightly eerie basement to fetch something – anything – from the freezer. The freezer which always had strawberry jam and ice blocks. Picking berries and cherries from the garden and eating them before we made it inside. The time I brought a whole heap of my friends there for a weekend of organizational fun. The shed with all sorts of fun things to explore. Looking for crabs on the rocky shore. Jumping off the quay and go swimming. Catching crabs and eating them for dinner. The old, musky smell from the bedrooms upstairs. Playing with old-fashion toys and reading old books. Rummaging around the very top loft looking for lost treasure. The pictures on the walls. The stairs. The radio. Mormor – in her kitchen or in her chair ❤ Always.

This old house. So much love.




I have previously mention my not being particularly religious, but I have been to church many times in my life. My paternal grandmother, in particular, was very religious. She would often play hymns and christian songs in her house, and she had plenty of books and stories for children about Jesus and other biblical tales (hence me having a fair knowledge of Christianity before making an informed choice.).

She would also go to church and to church assemblies, and if we were at her place, there were times we would come along with her. This often happened around the christian holidays, such as Easter and Christmas, and I do have fond memories of them.

One day I opened up my mothers drawer full of treats, and I saw these little square packs of lollies – and the memories of church were flowing back into me as if it all happened yesterday. You see, whenever we went to church with someone (with any of my family), were it a normal church service, a funeral or a christening, we would be given these little packs of lollies. I am pretty sure it happened every single time. Someone would have them in their handbag, and when us kids started stirring up, (as we’d do because an hour of church for little children is a little boring…) we would be given one. It probably kept us quiet for the next ten-fifteen minutes, and we were happy! They came in green, blue and red, and the blue ones were the best ones. The pictures on the back were like collectibles, and we’d compare them to each other.

There were also the variety called ‘Gomp’ and ‘Stupedama.’ I don’t know if any of them are still around though…

Aah,the small, random things that trigger memories, hey?



My best friend

Nobody can quite agree on when, exactly, this bear was given to me. My mother believes it was my first Christmas; I am sure I’ve been told it was at my christening – but my grandmother (Mormor), who gave it to me, remembers it being my birth. Whoever is correct we may never know, but he has been mine for over 27 years and still going strong!  
His name is Bamse, which can be translated to ‘Teddy’ aka I’m to lazy to think of a different name.

I used to always have him with me. One time, at band camp, an older boy took him from me and put eyeliner on his eyes, which never came off completely. You can still see the black over the buttons.

The jacket he is wearing was a later addition, and my mother knitted it for him. He has worn it ever since. 

I used to cuddle his poking tongue and used to think it was the softest thing in the world! He is so worn, and there is no way I’m letting my girls play with him. I’ve heaps of other old stuff they can play with – just not Bamse. He is mine! 

I was born on the same date as my Mormor, so it was only fitting that she, together with her husband, would gift me with the toy I held and still hold dearest.

He stays here though, not coming with me down under, too many risks involved!




As I have mentioned before, I use this blog for many reasons. I like to use it to keep in touch with family and friends around the world, I use it as a literary outlet -somewhere to write down the things I need to get out of my system and I use it to improve my written English. Another reason, and just as important, is using it as a memory bank, a journal in a way. I often go back a few years and look at photos and read the entries and remember the little things I may have forgotten.

I thought I had done splendidly in the last challenge I made for myself, then upon counting all the entries (that had to be 20) I only got to 14 or 15… So that’s pretty poor. And I failed. So that’s a total of $40 for the JDRF walk!

For this fortnight (and I am already a week late) I figured I’d make some posts about some things that are here, that I can never find or that I don’t have in Australia that awake special memories for me – seeing I am here in my childhood home and there are loads of things around. I’ll set the number at five – as I also have started my studies! More on that in my next post.

The first memory I’ll share now, is one about what some might call an ‘unusual’ decoration in a household, that is – our stuffed Owl!

Ever since I was little, we have had this massive Owl hanging in our home. My bedroom was upstairs in our house, and she used to hang on the wall above the staircase, so I would always see her going up and down. I have rarely touched her, mostly because she is out of reach, but also because you just don’t touch animals like that.

Her presence has always been something of a need in this house, and I think it would feel very different without her. I have laid claim on her – so when the day comes and we are to divide things among us kids, she will be mine.

The story of how she came into our possession is quite funny,  but a family story. I can tell you she is quite old though, and that she flew into a power-line and died before someone had her taxidermied, probably over fifty years ago. She is gorgeous, and has an intense stare. I always imagined her coming alive at night and fly around the house – and I felt as she was a guardian of our home. Now she resides in our dining room and still watches over us.

The Hubro (its Norwegian name) has the English name ‘Eurasian Eagle-Owl'(and Latin Bubo bubo) and exist in all of Eurasia. In Norway it is classified as endangered, and there are only 5-600 pairs of this beautiful fowl left. It is the biggest owl of all in Europe, and can get up to 4 kg and 75 cm tall. I’m not sure how large ours is, but she is pretty huge.

I love my owl:D




Last challenge was all about posting video clips – which I only just scraped through! But I did! So the tally is now 2 completed and one failed… This fortnight, seeing we’re going to New York and all, I am going with something simpler. In Norway we have this thing that we call “stemningsrapport.” Which is when you post a photo or a short clip to show other people the kind of mood or feel there is where you are right now – in the moment. It can often be at an event such a concert, at a cafe, snuggling at home – or anything that will give someone a slight understanding of what you are doing right now. It is usually only accompanied by very few, short sentences – or no words at all!

This is what I’ll do next! The following two weeks I will (hopefully) post at least Twenty of these ‘mood reports’ here. Obviously they’re meant to be posted ASAP, but seeing I’ll have limited internet access for half of the time, I’ll give myself a deadline of 90 minutes until I can post it (otherwise you’ll just see a bunch of photos from our hotel room, which might get boring…:P).

I hope you enjoyed the video clips though, and maybe you’ll pop in to see my little updates! With the goal of twenty, I don’t NEED to post one every day, and can do several when I feel the need for it. They will all just have one-word titles as well, and only one full sentence.

I hope everyone is having a good day – we got a new layer of snow today – this neverending winter is taking us on ski adventures and sledding trips with loads and loads of snow! I love it!



5th feb 2016

Upon reading my last post about the Challenge, I realize that I actually never announced what the next one would be. My intention was, in the last fortnight, to write 10 blog posts. I ended up with 8 or 9… Which means I lost, and there will be $20 going into the JDRF fundraising once it starts again. A pretty good reason to lose anyway:)

For this fortnight, I’ve decided that the challenge will be about video clips! I know there are a few people out there who are missing us, Simon in particular, so posting a few clips might make someone happy! I’ve set the required number to seven, and seeing today is Friday, I am posting the first one today. I better hurry, as the first week is almost over!

Hope you enjoy this little one of my girls and siblings playing together!



The BIG pics!

So I’m back on the weekly challenge again, continuing with another ‘Write every day’ week, and I thought I’d start with the photos from our production of BIG the Musical, as I promised last week! Still having post-show blues, btw.

The weekend before the opening weekend, some of us went to the beach, where we explored our inner child:D

Jess and I<3, Eyes on Fleek and don’t you just want to steal that look?

Change room shenanigans, my lovely Sandy and I plus the gorgeous Cheryl and Leanne in their corner!

  Leading lady Kate and myself<3, more change room pics plus Leanne and I “selfie-bombing.” It’s a new thing.

  After party no. 1 – at Sandys, where the cake first made its appearance! Me and my Dione, and with Charlie; our amazing leading man!

What happens at the after party, ends up on my blog… So:) nice selfies with Jake, Charles and Emma!

The crowds gotta eat! BIG family dinner second weekend.
 Part of Our set, an empty theatre before the show, and my change room space – all the essentials!

Second cast party, Kate’s game-themed party, with loads of entertainment in the form of Cards against Humanity and the likes:)

Towards the end of the night/beginning of the morning:p

Final weekend, myself and the beautiful Amie, Kate in her one-of-a-kind BIG shoes (nobody is jealous:)) and the last supper before our last show!

And now, a bunch of pictures from the actual show, most of them have me in them because of narcissism and stuff:) (And lol, I don’t want to put ALL the photos of others up without consent.. Oh, and btw, I don’t know who to credit these photos to, but the Northern Light Theatre Company made them happen at least! And if anyone knows, let me know.)Big - Pieter 366 Big - Pieter 370

Big - Pieter 374 Big - Ron 004 Big - Ron 007Big - Pieter 379Big - Ron 264Big - Ron 270Big - Pieter 388Big - Ron 062Big - Ron 066Big - Pieter 407Big - Ron 306Big - Ron 327Big - Ron 080Big - Pieter 435Big - Pieter 429Big - Pieter 086Big - Ron 418Big - Ron 162Big - Ron 163Big - Pieter 270Big - Pieter 507Big - Pieter 517Big - Ron 458Big - Ron 455Big - Ron 174Big - Ron 462Big - John 080Big - Pieter 287Big - Pieter 293Big - Pieter 537

Aaah, it was such an awesome time! ❤ to all the BIGsters!



(oh, and PS. My own photos are edited, but if you’re interested in the original, lemme know:))

I failed.

Last week’s challenge was all about getting as much sleep as possible, but I think I already knew I would fail. I went to sleep as early as possible Monday and Tuesday (Melodie and I went together Tuesday), but I stayed up longer Wednesday. I had a good reason, though, as I wanted to listen to the radio interview where some of the cast and our director was, and this was late at night. Then, on Thursday, after rehearsal, some were going to the pub for a hangout after, and so I joined them… I thought I was going to hop straight to bed Friday night when the girls were asleep, though, but we needed to get the house ready for an inspection the day after, so that was just not happening… Saturday night I technically could have had an early night, but I wanted to go to the beach with some cast members from BIG, (and who am I kidding, I had already failed anywayJ) but yesterday I was in bed less than a minute after parking the car in the driveway. Sooo, three nights out of seven….`:)

Looks like I will be trying that one again another week instead:)!

For this week, it is the make-up challenge, a bit of a cheat week since I need to put make-up on anyway for most of the days! But I will be trying a new look tonight, and then it will be Showtime!