About Us (well, mostly me…)

It was Norway, the year 1988 – and I had rushed to get out to start my life. As soon as I could talk, I sang. I soon as I could walk, I ran. Since then, I have had an intense urge and need to know and explore as much as possible. As a middle child, I needed attention, which has given me a love of all things performing. Although not necessarily heavily skilled myself, I love a good stage show and anything performing arts-related.

After finishing school, I found myself sitting on an airplane going to Sydney, Australia. My backpack was full and my hopes were high. I was all alone in the big, bad world – and I loved it. Backpacking around the great country of Oz was my plan, and 20-year old me was ready.

But fate had it plan differently. I made a bunch of new friends, and our misfortune saw us ending up at a hostel in Adelaide. It was also together with the guests at this hostel we all decided to go out to town in early December. And this is where good old Fate played her part in bringing Simon and I together. None of us were supposed to be where we were that particular night. But as soon as I stepped foot in that old Irish Pub, we were hitched. We did not know it then, but nearly six years later – we’d be surrounded by a bunch of girls, love oozing out of every crevice of our house.

After a whirlwind romance, where every second apart felt like an eternity and every second together was like flying together on a magic carpet ride to a heaven unlike no other, we found ourselves engaged to get married and then parents of the most beautiful little girl we had ever seen, no more than a year and two months after our very first meeting. Some may say we rushed, some may say we were crazy – I say (and know) that nothing was ever more right in the history on the world.

Baby Melodie, being born in Norway, and I moved to Australia in the middle of the year 2010. After a few months, Simon and I bought our first home together. Soon after we were told Simon had to move interstate for his job. We married each other just a month before our move, and it was a beautiful day.

While living in NSW, we made plenty of friends we hold dear to our hearts, but most importantly: we made two more gorgeous little baby girls. We are now up to three of my own, plus Simons daughter – which makes them four altogether!

We moved back to SA in July this year, and we are keeping busy doing the things we love – with all the ups and downs that comes with being married and parents. Nothing in life is every perfect and uncomplicated, but a positive outlook and a ‘no bull’-policy is helping us a long way.

I use this blog to connect to my many friends around the world, and also as a way to improve my English (which means I am in no way offended if you find errors that I need to correct!:)). I love writing and am hatching a plan to publish a series of childrens’ books.

Thank you for stopping by my blog, don’t be afraid to leave a comment, follow or like my posts, it is much appreciated!




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