The post where I’m just rambling on about writing and also sharing a little secret

I have, so many times, said that I write because I need to. One of the ways I write is through this blog which, admittedly, has been sorely neglected this year and I am hoping to get back into it.
I write through different media. I sometimes write it all in my head and it never make it out on any paper, digitally or physically. Sometimes it is just a few lines on a piece of paper that happens to get thrown out with the rubbish clean-up that day. Sometimes it is elaborate, almost artistic lists. Sometimes it’s through making up stories and songs with the kids and a lot of the time, what I ‘write’ never gets actually written.
At school, I would always get excellent grades on my essays. It was always harder to stick to the facts – but once I was able to write whatever I wanted I was set. I do think I could do with a creative writing course because I have a bunch of stories in my head that I think need to come out somehow – even if it’s just to clear up space.
I always write much more and better when my head is a mess, though. I know some people need to seek out the quiet and tranquil to ease their mind and dig out the stories, but I am much more creative sitting around in my own little chaos. I also have so much more to say when I am upset – as many people are. The more upset I am, the more I write – and the more I write, the less upset I’ll be. It’s the circle of life for me.

I will let you in on a little secret though, and I don’t know if many expect this of me – but I am currently writing my own musical. I know, I know – it’s not a very common thing to be scribbling on about, but I have had this evolving story in my head for almost six years now, and over the course of these years, the story has slowly made its way from my head into a physical – actually saved it somewhere – space. Not all of it of course, but I still know the story. I have written a few of the songs (are they ready? Definitely not) – the storyline is pretty much there, and I have the list of characters in the show clear – and although the plot is fairly simple and I don’t write music – I still have a dream of finalising it sometime next year. It is in Norwegian, but if I can write it in Norwegian first, I can translate it to English later.
I don’t know what the process behind writing something like this is, but at least I am learning. And I may write it, even get someone to help me with the music – and then it ends up being just that – something I made. But still, it will be something I made and for me, that will be entirely and utterly amazing!

My efforts here will hopefully be better in the coming weeks, I want to do it and show more of what we have done this year so far, but I am making no promises!:)
(also, I think It’s about time we upgraded this header, right?)