Just some photos


Perfect Ricky<3


Bad hair day, Sophia?


Fun with electric chairs!

My loves<3



Lemony loveliness

Our neighbours gave us some lemons the other day, and I decided for the first time to make my own recipe for lemon muffins (well, not make, but adapt from other around the internet).

Melodie and I waited until the babies were asleep and started cooking . They turned out nice, but they need some more tweaking I think. I had to hurry up and freeze some though, because the family were scoffing them down like they were going out of fashion!



We are off to the gym today, haven’t been there since Friday, so feel a bit lazy.


Sunday fun!

We went for a drive to my old home in Adelaide, West Beach, yesterday, and after a bakery lunch we went to look at the beach. If the weather wasn’t so bad (Was cold and yucky) we would have built some sand castles, but the beach was even closed because of it! Sophia even started crying because she couldn’t go to the beach , so we went to a Glenelg playground instead, which made her heaps happier!





We went to visit Simons sister after, and he managed to score some plants from her garden that he will put in ours, so he was very happy!

We ended up staying there for dinner, and the girls all fell asleep on the way home after their very playful day!

It is a cold and yucky day as well today, so we are staying in and baking lemon muffins (they may help keeping the cold at bay… Or that may just be an excuse to eat them…:))



We’ve been busy unpacking still, so not many updates from us. But here are some photos:


Sometimes the most important thing is holding daddy’s hand. Tonight, both little ones woke up, and Simon was holding one hand each while they settled. Just beautiful.

(Ricky’s hand on the bottom, and Sophia’s up top.)

Being the mother of three girls can sometimes be challenging, but most of the time I just love on them endlessly and feel so immensely proud of them. I mean, just look at them!

Ah, love.
(Yep, I am not afraid of bragging:))


Extended weekend

Simon had the day off yesterday, because Melodie had an appointment today and I was having blood taken from me. (I am participating in a diabetes prevention study.)

Sunday, we got up early to enjoy our coffee with our new furniture and partially done garden.




Then it was off to the Barossa Valley and we decided to do some geocaching while we were there. Simon tends to find them faster than me, but I blame his military training;)
(if you don’t know what geocaching is, google it, it is such a great, free activity!)

He got it!



It was also Ricky’s 6 month “birthday” Sunday – I cannot believe time has gone so quickly!
She is so great with solids now, yesterday we had fruit salad for dessert and she sucked on a piece of orange and on a piece of peach all by herself and loved it!


Full of vitamin c and happy as!;)


Suddenly Saturday

Today has been an easy day for the SK’s. We all slept in and had a late breakfast. Mel and I went to the shop to get ingredients for a Mars bar slice, we have been wanting to bake since we moved in, but I have yet no locate all my baking tools. She loved making the slice though, and as we made a bunch of small ones, each one ended up rather low in carbs (compared to other treats) so she could have a few . Such a proud little baker!




Simon spent the afternoon distributing gravel, and the result was great! We need more, though, but soon it’ll be here.

Sophia had a lovely lunch , still in her pyjamas, it was kind of a Saturday !



The day ended with watching Annie and eating Mels treats and popcorn. I dream of playing Miss Hannigan in the musical, so whenever we watch it, I practise, which Melodie loves.


We plan to drive to the Barossa tomorrow for a day out, hopefully the weather is nice!


Going to Rio!

2, that is – the movie!

Today I took the big girls to the movies as a treat for the holidays, and we went to see Rio 2. This was Melodies very first trip to the movies and she was so excited! She has been talking about her bird movie for over a week now, so she was literally running through the doors when we got there.

It was huge, one of the biggest theatres I’ve been to, and Mel was a bit intimidated by the size of the screen. She was also not convinced that the lights would be turned off; “Let’s wait and see, mamma, you’ve not been here before.”

While dancing in her seat, she managed to stay still most of the movie, despite recovering from a hypo. Skipping through the car park after it finished, she said it was the best movie ever!

I think I was almost more excited than her for her first time, because I realised she still has firsts left.


Popcorn is a must!


Oh, and she’s already planned what movie comes next…:)


A good day for… Gardening?

Today was a beautiful day here in SA. The weather was nice, and the SK family woke up bright and early for a family breakfast. After some small chores here and there, we all went for a walk to the playground together with Joey. It was wet from the mildew overnight, but that didn’t stop the minis climbing up and running around for a good half hour (or maybe even more?). Even Simon and I had a go at the whizzy-dizzie, with him spinning me around and doing pull-ups at the same time. Sophia, our little dare-devil went on it all by herself as well, so I suppose there will be no stopping her next time we’re there!

PicMonkey Collage1 PicMonkey Collage2

After dropping Joey back home, the big girls picked up their scooters and we walked down to the shops. I had forgotten how close it is, being able to be there in only a few minutes by car, and ten minutes walking is great! Obviously, bringing four little girls with us makes it just a little bit longer, with face-plants and stopping to have a drink and to look at whatever is on the ground, but today we were in no rush. In fact, we didn’t end up being back until it was lunch time, which meant we had been out pretty much all morning!

Sophia and Ricky both fell asleep after lunch, which freed up time for me to prepare dinner (which, in hindsight, was very good, otherwise me may not have had dinner at all today!), and for Simon to do whatever he wished. Now, I have not written much about him on this blog (about anyone, really:P) but one thing I will say is he is a work horse. Today he ripped up our whole garden. Not little flowers growing neatly in a garden bed. Oh no. These were massive, ugly trees, with roots 1/4 of the size of the tree itself. They have been sitting there for maybe 20 years growing, and it was time for them to go. He started with two the other night, but today he hooked them up to the car and basically ripped them out with the sheer horse power of our awesome car. Whoever thought that car is only a people mover, think again. It proved today it is also a tractor. A machine. If i could ever be proud of a car, this is it.

PicMonkey Collage3 PicMonkey Collage4

The girls helped out as well, collecting worms and digging the dirt back into the holes. Simon had to use a lot of man power to rip the roots out at times, and to cut some of the big ones up with a saw. He does not give up easily either, and our front yard is now free of trees. I mean, they are all lined up (and we have NO idea what to do with them), but they are no longer in the ground. I am also very proud of Simons work, and I did have to force him to come in and eat when dinner was ready. This is why we would not have eaten, had I not prepared it earlier, as I would not have had any time! So a full on day for the garden, but an awesome day for it as well.

PicMonkey Collage5

Simons mum and niece stopped by as well, with some yum, yum, yummy treats for us, which surely has helped re-energizing us after the day!

And me? Of course I contributed, I was the designated photographer!:) (And child-looker-afterer, drink-fetcher, chain-puller-backer, branch-picker-upper and over all useless-advice-giver…:P)




P.S. I will post after photos soon, just have not taken any yet:p

Mind-numbingly out of it.

Wow, it has been some stressed out and weird last couple of weeks. I have so many phone calls I was meant to make, messages and e-mails to reply to and boxes to unpack – and I have lost all concept of time and space! This move has taken a massive toll on me, as I do not like not being in control of my own time and space (which, consequently is why I have no concept!)

I am slowly on my way out of it, realizing halfway what time of the day it is, which day it is, and what I need to do next. And I am hoping the people that may feel as I have abandoned them or forgotten about them forgive my “I have no idea what I am doing”-state the last weeks, and when I finally get back into the right head space I will make it all better!

The moving week was so massive. There was never really a relaxing moment. We had some great times, like when we went to our friends for a Hungarian feast (which was YUM! Thank you so much to the Filaks for their awesome hospitality!) and went for a drive further south to soak in the beauty of the South Coast one last time. But I also had some really sad times, like driving home after having witnessed the cast of Chicago doing the last rehearsal before we left, and having to say goodbye to the ladies at our playgroup. I mean, all the goodbyes were really, really sad, and I had to pull myself together many times.

And then it is all the unfinishedness. Which probably isn’t a word, but I just made it. Feeling as if I should have seen that person once more. Or done it properly. Or something. Walked on the beach just one more time. Drive down the street again. And again.

I didn’t even enjoy the ‘holiday’ it was supposed to be travelling over here. We stayed at a beautiful cottage the first night, but I was so buggered after the last days strain that I just fell asleep. And then we just woke up and took off as soon as everything was packed up. The next night we stayed at a rather dodgy (but pet-friendly) caravan park. Then I chose to just go to sleep, as I knew we were so close to the finish line, I just wanted to keep going!

Anyway, I am on my way to settling and feeling heaps better (mentally…) – so soon, soon, I will be back in the game!



Starting fresh.

It is funny. Sometimes you just need a new start, you know?

I mean, today, our stuff was all packed up and bagged up and boxed up and we have officially moved out. And so now we are moving across the country. And with this move I decided; why not just restart my blog? A fresh start in my ‘blogging career’ as well. When my other blog was started, everything was different. I was pregnant , wrote in Norwegian and had no idea, basically. Now I have still so much to learn, but have still changed so much, three children and four moves later.

So here we go. A new blogging start. Hopefully, this one not being on a Norwegian platform, it will be more user-friendly and work better for us. Knowing that a large percentage of our readers (oh, please let me call it ‘readers’, it makes me feel special!) are not Norwegian, it is quite silly keeping it where it was anyway.

I am making no promises as to how often this will be updated. I may love it so it will be quite regular. Or it will be like my old one. Who knows. But right now, it feels good.


Knowing there is a tiny portion of the worlds population that actually find it interesting reading about our life, is, however puzzling, fun and motivating. I hope that those people will find this just as interesting as my previous one.

Lots of Love,

Line xXx

(I wrote this to be the first post on my new blog… But since our internet was lost, it never got published!)