This is why

Four kids?? Wooow that’s like – a lot! You must be So busy! You must have your hands full! Do you EVER get any time to yourself? Hahahaha four girls when are you having a boy, Hahahaha? Do you feel your hair greying every day? You must be exhausted! Bet ya life sucks a little huh?

Do you hear them? The random people who just love to make commentary on my life and guess how it looks from their own – un-experienced life? Because I hear them all the time. Yep. And I’ve learned to answer them.

‘I actually study, do theatre and hang out with friends alone all the time – my life is pretty full!’

‘What do you mean boy…? I that something to strive for? Better than girls…?’

‘Hahaha yeah my hands are full but I have like eight other hands to help so…’

‘Actually, most nights I can get 10 hours sleep if I wanted to but thanks for the compliments.’

The thing is, it’s nobody else’s business how our family unit looks and how and why things turned out the way they are now. But just because I don’t mind sharing a little bit, I will tell you why.

I thought I was having kids for my own selfish reasons. Maybe I wanted cuddles and a little cutie to show off. But really – I’ve done it all for them.

We are just about to embark on the biggest change life will give us (probably, even though we don’t yet know what the future holds🤷🏼‍♀️) and the girls are eagerly counting down the days and really just loving thinking and talking about it all. They spend their days playing and chatting and hanging out- and although they sometimes are polar opposites in how they approach life and how they deal with life’s curveballs, their friendship is somehow based on more than just blood – I can tell.

I obviously don’t know if their friendship will be as solid as it is now, when they are adults – but I do know that the foundation is solid and important. They help each other through their little crises, they laugh together and snuggle up next to each other pretty much every day.

We’re moving literally across the world where they have no friends – everyone speaks a different language and everything is different. But they will be just fine because they have each other. And they will help each other’s learning and adjusting and be supportive and loving and caring. Sitting back and watching them makes me so incredibly proud every day.

So the reason why I’ve ended up with ‘so many kids’ is because we have literally created a group of friends for them and we know they will have each other for the rest of their lives. And I mean – they are amazing too so🤷🏼‍♀️

Last night I came in to check on them. Ricky has given up her bed for my brother while he is here, and so the three of them have been sharing one bunk bed. They take turns sleeping upstairs and in pairs and have somehow worked out a system for it. But last night I couldn’t find anyone downstairs in the bunk. The all had decided to sleep together at the top. And it made me so happy. They have the choice to be separated and have their own space, but instead, they wanted to be near each other.

Just beautiful.

(Also, I am saying *I* deliberately because I can’t possibly speak for Simon… he’s not even here😭)




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