Happy New Challenges!

So, last year I had these weekly challenges I set for myself and I did both good and bad when it came to completing them. I still liked doing them, but I found since there was no actual ‘consequence’ for not hitting the mark, it didn’t necessarily motivate me to try hard on some of them. That is why, this year, I am making some changes.

I am doing two-week challenges as opposed to one week. Being a mother of three kiddies means I can’t always put myself first, meaning I don’t want to have to choose them over this or the other way around. It kinda gives me a ‘second chance’. Depending on circumstances, I may some weeks have a smaller challenge, but the norm will be two weeks.

Secondly, I’ll have to donate. For every week I don’t complete the challenge, I must donate to a cause chosen by myself. The cause is obviously the Jdrf One Walk that we completed last year, which we intend on doing again this year. Now, since I am doing bi-weekly challenges, this means it would be $20.

Thirdly, I will be allowed to take a weeks break, although it will cost me. I will then have to add a $5 to the donation tin, which will ‘buy’ myself a weeks break. 

For these two weeks of January, I decided to utilise my Fitbit and see I I could reach a goal I set for the first two weeks, which was doing 110000 steps. The daily goal is 10 thousand, so this meant almost 8000 steps per day. It ends today, and I have already exceeded my goal, which is great. I’ve reached the 10k goal 7 out of 14 days, which is okay, but I would have liked it to be higher. I may revisit this type of challenge again soon, although with a higher goal…:) anyway, one win already this year!




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