There’s fun to be had!

The week so far has Been pretty fun-filled as far as I see it. Tuesday we went to a type of playgroup here in our town with lots of beautiful people and the girls got to do some baking! Sophia was an expert, and Melodie made lots of creative creations from the dough. Ricky enjoyed it, but somehow misjudged it for a face mask, which was cute, but messy:)

Wednesday night my sister and I finally got our skates out and went to the ice for some fun. Probably been eight years since I last went ice-skating, and with my brothers old skates on, which has definitely had better days, it was a painful but fun time! I should wish for a pair of my own next year, I reckon, because ice-skating is something I need more of in my life! It was late, and dark, so no good photos, but at least there is proof:D

My plan yesterday was to take the kids back to the playgroup, but we woke up to loads of snow laying on the ground, so we went to get the girls some shoes for the skis they got for Christmas, so they could start preparing for Tour de Ski in a few years time! The girls love playing in the snow, and who can really blame them:)

This temperature gauge shows the temperature today… As you can see, pretty coooooold!

Even in the cold, Sophia was quick to get out and play in the masses of snow. It snowed some more last night, so there is soon enough for a big snow cave! Let’s hope for even more tonight!

This weekend we are going to a ski resort for some proper skiing, which will be a lot of fun! I haven’t done that since Melodie was a newborn, so I am very excited:D Let’s cross our fingers for buckets of snow until then…..:)




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