Things I want my children to know

I am on holidays, and even though I have an assignment due, I made the mistake of downloading the Pinterest app again. If you already know about Pinterest you probably understand why it was deleted all the other times (probably five-ish).

Pinterest has lots of awesome ideas, however many of them only end up as inspiration, not necessarily guidelines. The last few days, it has showed me lots of resources about children – how to speak to them when they are upset, how to change the way we speak to them and many great ideas for them to help themselves too.

Now, there was one about manners, and what they should have learnt at certain ages etc, and although I agreed with most of the points, some of them were too contradictory and too much bull in my opinion.

It made me think though. I decided I’ll make a list over things I want my children to learn. Manners are great, and always great to be reminded of how we act and show respect, but my list is mostly about other life skills. I’m starting out with some things:

5 Things I want my children to learn before they turn ten:

1: How to pitch a tent or otherwise make shelter

We do go camping occasionally, but our tent is so big it needs a brain surgeon to get it up, it’s not quite the best way to learn. We do have smaller tents, and for them to know how to pitch them will be great! I also think that teaching them how to create shelter in nature when they have nothing else would be helpful. I used to be a Girl Scout, so I have a fair idea of how to do it, but If I were never shown, I wouldn’t have a clue! I also know how to create shelter in snow, but somehow I feel we need to work on that a bit later on:)

2: How to cook!

I’ve already started planning this for this year. I want the kids to know how to cook 20 things before they’re ten. Obviously, that doesn’t mean three course meals. If I can get five things taught every year from five, they’ll be pretty good by that stage. Melodie wants to learn her favourites first, and Sophia wants to learn how to make cake. So we will see how we go:)

3: How to start a fire 🔥

Growing up in Norway, we always had a fireplace. One of the jobs we had as kids, were fetching the firewood. Then an adult would start the fire. I can’t remember how old I was when I tried it for myself, but I’m pretty sure an 8-9 year old can learn how to do it. Obviously in Australia we don’t have a fireplace that we’ll light up for three quarters of the year, but we can make outdoor fires! As most people know, we can’t just throw a match at some sticks to create flames, and it does take some skill. I’m not going to start teaching them about running two sticks together just yet, but maybe that’s for the next bracket?

4: How to read music.

At least as much as I can! I don’t need them to know how to pitch a perfect C or hear any note and know which one it is, but I do want them to be able to read it out from sheet music and tell me which notes they are. I realise this is a ‘life skill’ that many people would see as unimportant, but to me, music is one of the most important things we have been gifted with, and having some music skills is awesome!

5: Most household chores:

Man, the amount of people who end up moving away from home with no household competence is astounding. I don’t need them to like it. I don’t need them to be great at it. But I do need them to learn how to vacuum, clean the floors, change their sheets and do the laundry. I do need them to know how to clean the toilets, fold their clothes and do the dishes. They are well on their way to knowing many of these, thank goodness, but they’re not ‘moving-out’ – ready just yet:)

What’s a life skill you think I should add to this list?

I think I’ll end up coming up with lots more things soon, but this is good enough for now:)




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