New Year – new goals?

Been thinking about New Years resolutions lately, and yesterday I went out to town with my friends, and throughout the night I was prompted to think about this a few times, and I think by now I’ve come up with some good ones.

I like to come up with something, but I try to do it so it is actually achievable, and make it generic enough so that I can tweak it a little. Can’t remember what I said last year, but personally, this has been one of my best years so far, so whether I’ve stuck to it or not, it’s been pretty good.

Here it goes:

1 – Call More People

You see, I have been blessed with a whole bunch of people who I love and adore and who always stay in my life no matter what, and it’s as if time and space doesn’t really exist, because as we meet again, all is good again. And even if I love that things are like that, I do find myself sometimes just wanting to talk. Facebook Messenger is never enough, yet I rarely pick up the phone to make a call (and people rarely call me either, so it’s not that I am just shitty, we all can be better at this:)) so my goal this year is to make more phone calls. At least once a fortnight! If you want to have a chat, send me your number, because I have probably lost it – this goes for new friends, old friends, family and others who may feel they want to talk to me:)

2 – Give Less Fucks

I mean, we all could do with caring less about what other people think and just go with it, but in my case it is just as much about what I think myself (Because often what I think myself is a construct of what I have been taught by society so by default, it is kinda still about other people). I need to allow myself to do the thing I want and not worrying about it being wrong or right or anything else. Wear the pretty dress on a Tuesday, put on the fancy shoes on a Sunday – Try the new funky hairstyle Right Now!

3 – Give The Compliments.

You ever see someone in public with an awesome new hairdo, or a beautiful dress – or hear someone laugh or smile and it makes you feel good? Or think happy things about your friends or their homes, or kids, or achievements?

We are really good at observing quietly, and I think about the things we observe, we are not always good at giving out compliments!

Unexpected, unsolicited compliments are amazing to receive, and sometimes it can change a persons day, so I will try to be better at throwing them around. People can never be too positive I reckon:D

So that’s mine, what do you think? Do you have any resolutions?




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