R u OK?

Today is R u Okay day in Australia, a day which encourages people to ask their friends and colleagues and family and strangers if they are okay and to start a conversation with people who might be struggling. As someone who has been and still am affected by mental health issues I think the idea behind this is great, and if we all asked just one person how they are going, we might be able to help make the world a little bit better for that person.

I sometimes just need to cry. Just put on a sad song or a song that means lots to me, and let the tears flow. Maybe I’ve been holding it in because of the kids, or maybe there’s too much evil in the world or maybe I have no reason but crying will make me feel better.

This is one of my favourite crying song. Even if I am all fine and all good, this will make me cry and no matter how good I am feeling before – this clears out the bad I didn’t know was there before. Crying is good! Crying is okay! And crying can make you a stronger person:)

I hope you are okay, but if you are not – speak up! Tell someone, anyone. Or me, tell me – I am all ears!


Brb, tearing up again:)




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