10.02 – the final puzzle piece

10.02 yesterday our family was completed. Yesterday my mind was numb after seeing our beautiful fourth daughter emerge from my own body. Yesterday I was sure that perfection had hit us. And it surely did.

Words fail when trying to describe the happiness and euphoria that comes after having a baby. And when trying to describe how perfect and flawless she is.
Welcoming our gorgeousness to the world was so easy, yet emotional in many ways. We knew she is meant to be our last one. We know that all the things we do with her now is the last time we will do for the first time again. Yet, she is so amazing and beautiful that I cannot fathom how we even made her.

We have named her Aria. Choosing her name was not an easy feat, but now, after she got to choose between our own selections, it has been decided. Presenting Miss Aria Archer Skingen Koch to the world makes us so incredibly proud!


The semantics, for those interested;

She was delivered by c-section, with a perfect spinal which meant we only stayed in recovery for the minimal time (and could have gone back earlier if needed). I was up on my feet after not too long, and although i had to stay on a drip over night it is all good now and I've been walking around the room in not much pain at all and being able to get out of bed has been so good:)

She was 51,5 cm long with 3,59 kg on her, which makes her overall the smallest baby of ours, lightest, but the second shortest!

So far she seems to be feeding well and being quite calm and content so we're obviously hoping this stays the same forever, however babies are unpredictable, so we'll see what happens. Also, happy to continue breastfeeding if she is happy, but my previous history with this means that we will be ready to make the change if needed.


Her gorgeous, black hair took us by surprise since all the others have been blonde beauties, but there's nothing wrong with completing the set:) Now, we are not sure what her eye colour is, since they are still so dark, however I think they seem slightly more blue than brown at the moment. But we will see. At the moment she is a dark beauty and we couldn't be happier – such a stunning little girl. But I am obviously biased and totally in love<3

Here are a few photos of our little cutie, for those who are here for that (and I assume you are, since you're here anyway:))

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm up for cuddles<3




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