Luckily, I recover well

I’ve now had three c-sections with my children. I don’t regret any of them. Obviously. Some people take a very long time to recover and can be in pain for ages, not being able to walk properly for a long while, but I am very lucky it hasn’t been the case for me.
When Melodie was born, I was up walking within a few hours, itching to get out of bed. A few short weeks after, Simon and I were up in the hills downhill-skiing and having a blast while my mother was babysitting her in the warm cafeteria. It was awesome – and no one would have believed I had my stomach cut open less than twenty days earlier.
When Sophia was born, we travelled to Sydney a week later to meet with some friends from Norway, without any issues at all. And I believe it was after Sophia’s delivery I went kneeboarding and tubing behind our boat within the first month as well (although this could have been after Ricky, I am not a hundred percent sure..:)).
Ricky’s delivery was a tiny, slightly more complicated as my stitches needed re-doing, but it didn’t stop me from auditioning for the musical Chicago (and getting in!) – dancing along to ‘All that Jazz!’, a couple of weeks after she was born.
I know I am lucky to recover well from any surgery I have ever had, like when I had my tonsils removed and the three other girls in our room were vomiting and crying through the night; I woke up asking for ice cream and really could have gone home on the day. That’s not to say I will do the same this time, so I’m keeping my options open, but at least I know the chances of me being up and running in no time after is fairly large.
I have no place to be or people to see or anything that I know I need to do – but it’s nice to know that the new arrival might be just as easy on my body as the previous ones. And if it takes longer to recover, I will be fine with that too:)



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