Getting better

My last post was not a cry for help, but I think it helped me get my butt into gear and sort some things out. I did clean out the baby’s bed so there’s somewhere to rest. The car seat is well and truly on its way (we had preordered it, but hadn’t provided the last details:p), and I’ve ordered a brand new pram for baby!

It was funny though, as a friend came to my house the day after the last post, bringing a pack of nappies with her:) A split second of confusedness before I realised what had occurred and how lovely it was to suddenly have one minor thing in order simply because of someone else:) 

I have since purchased more nappies, a whole heap of wipes, wash mitts, beanies, baby soap and nipple cream – and am in the process of acquiring some brand new bottles and some dummies to begin with. We still have the old bottles from Ricky in the cupboard, so it’s not like we need many, but the feeling of having one or two brand new ones to start is nice. And the other girls have had no issues taking to dummies – and weaning off them when we’ve wanted them to, so our plan is to stick to what we’ve known so far:)

A few more things on the list to tick off, but not much that won’t be quick and easy. Tomorrow I will order a breastpump and a wrap ( I’ve never used a wrap before, and I do have a carrier, just don’t feel it will be warm enough, maybe I’m just weird:)).

I’m getting some new towels for bubs once I make it to IKEA (which is kinda like a given during school holidays anyway) together with the other things that’s needed from there! 

Sometimes all I need is to bring some accountability about and at least now I can say we are close! Obviously, today, we are three weeks from due date, which is quite crazy! But lots of fun 😀 the kiddies are sooo excited and really can’t wait 😊 




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