Totally underprepared 

When I look at the list of stuff that I’ve made with all things to get ready before baby arrives, I see that I am totally underprepared. I don’t know why, exactly, but we have all the clothes out and ready to go, but the changetable has not been assembled, the bed is full of other stuff that has sorta just been chucked in there ‘for now’ – and there’s not a nappy in sight!

I have plans of making it all happen though, but I keep feeling like it’s not needed yet. But now, now that we are only four weeks away from due date, now might be the right time to get it all into gear, right?

I guess part of it is that I have three already, and I don’t feel that stressed. I know what’s needed and not (I mean, we DO need nappies and a place to sleep for bubs…:)) and I know that most things are easily accessible. Particularly now that we actually live somewhere central! With the two previous ones we were so far away from shops it needed to be planned, and with Melodie we were in Norway, with shops not opened Sundays, and only barely on Saturdays. Right now, everything is open whenever we will need it (pretty much). That means that if we decide to bottle feed, I can have Simon go to the shop and be back within half hour with formula and whatever else is needed. So I don’t technically need to plan for this. It will happen though, trust me:)

Another reason why is probably because I actually don’t feel very pregnant. I have not gained weight, I feel I’m not waddling or walking funny, and despite some heartburn, trouble bending down and the constant need to pee, plus the little tiny tumbler inside, I don’t feel particularly pregnant. Which is good! I mean, people ask me if I’m sick of it already, and my general answer is ‘No, I am just impatient…’ I am perfectly fine, and could be pregnant for a few months more – it’s just that I am impatient and want things (body-wise) back to normal, and also obviously don’t want to have to wait for the gorgeousness to come out so we can say hello for the first time.

I’m guessing in a weeks time things will be slightly more organised. But who knows:) at least Simon will have a few days before we return home from hospital to set it all up, right?




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