Day Two – 20 facts about you!

I will try to find unique facts, but I tend not to hide much of myself so we’ll see:)

1: I share my birthday with my grandmother AND my uncle! Makes it easy to remember:)

2: I wouldn’t call myself an excellent boat-driver – as I once crashed one onto another!

3: Not terribly good with bikes either, having had a very close call colliding with a car as well! It took years and moving to Australia before I rode one again. 

4: I have a phobia of Moths (and butterflies, but mostly moths.) which is called Mottephobia.

5: My favourite colour is Yellow.

6: There’s a place in Norway that always makes me cry, for no particular reason, but whenever I go there, I always have a cry. It’s like therapy, I suppose!

7: I have one tattoo, that I got when I was eighteen, of three paw prints in succession, representing the the past, present and the future. Oh, and dogs:)

8: I have been writing since I learned how to. Songs, poetry, random stuff – all the time. I used to dream of being a singer-songwriter once. Now I just dream of completing a musical with me friend:)

9: I played football for many years, and we did quite well! Although I could only play in one position. I was a goalie, and was given the nickname ‘The Wall’😂😂😂

10: The reason why I quit playing was due to one lady coach we had who made me miserable, and to this day I have still not been able to forgive her for treating me like crap:(

11: I learned how to play the clarinet and alto saxophone, but although I still have a sax I hardly take enough time to play it, which is sad…

12: I used to do singing lessons, but I kid you not: Every single one of my teachers ended up pregnant! I eventually quit as the inconsistency in singing styles meant I virtually learnt nothing – and if I ever do singing lessons again, it needs to be from a Male…:)

13: I don’t really like milk. I can drink it, but it has to be super cold and as fresh as possible (and not full cream) – as if it has never even smelt the air! But I try to stay away…

14: Both of my families in Norway, plus Simons are all fishing people, with long traditions of fishing themselves, working on fishing boats and eating lots of fish. You’d think I’d be good at it, but I’m not really.

15: My favourite subjects in School were English and Maths, and I did very well in both – luckily I’ve got to use at least one of them substantially since then!

16: Favourite holiday: Christmas, with the 17th of May a close second. Can’t rally celebrate them well enough here in Aus though, so I can’t wait to do it properly in Norway again!

17: I used to not be a goood swimmer, like at all. But moving to Australia has forced me to learn and be much better, so Yay for that!:D

18: I also used to be much more politically involved in my home country. Education politics is what started it all, and one particular organisation roped me in and ignited my love for all things organisational:)

19: I was a bit of a nerd, (still am, probably) and in my senior year I was the head prefect in my school, and was also voted in as President of the senior students (you know, the crazy bunch of red or blue dressed youngsters getting drunk for a month?).

20: Apart from the tiny jobs I had as a back packer, I have only ever worked in hospitality, and I love it! If don’t get to work as a teacher, it wouldn’t bother me one bit if I stayed in that industry for the rest of my life:)

(Just for a picture of this damn cute girl instead of me (I gave you one yesterday, geez!))


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