Day One

I posted this yesterday, and so I can’t really fail on the very first day, right? It’s just that I found this one category quite boring:) but I’ll follow the rules!

So here’s my introduction:

My name is Line. I grew up in a small coastal town on an island in Norway with the ocean in front of me and mountains behind me. I grew up wanting to be a vet, and going to Australia for my studies, but once my ‘professional’ mind changed, my urge to travel grew stronger. As soon as it was possible for me, I hopped on the airplane and flew halfway across the world to see the beauty that is Australia.

Many coincidences later, I ended up in Adelaide. And yet more crazy turns of events landed me in the arms of my now amazing husband.

I am still here, in Adelaide, with soon four children, happily married and living a pretty good life! My urge to travel is still strong, but I’m happy to travel across alternative worlds through musical theatre for now, which stills my wandering mind while it’s happening:)

That’s a little bit about me – and I thought I’d gift you all with an actual realtime photo of myself:) 35 weeks pregnant, alone with three girls – no makeup, and only going partially insane!




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