Welcome to the family!

It’s been about a month now since Simon and I, plus Melodie, went to the hospital for training and learning about our new life-saving device. We are now currently proudly sporting a Dexcom G5 in the house – and loving it!

It was a little tricky to start. First we had to find a phone she could use with it, and we had a few lying around, and it turned out my old iPhone was just new enough so she could use it. Score! Now, she might think it’s cool she has her own phone, but really, she doesnt have any apps or games on it as it wouldn’t work very well so it’s not actually that cool. Plus, she’s not really allowed to use it either, so as cool as it may feel, it’s not really:)

Since putting it on, it has been changed a couple of times, and she has found a spot she is happy with. She has had swimming week at school which went off without a hitch, she even danced on stage showing off her ‘Lexi’ without any worries, and most of the time she doesn’t even know it’s there. It is so handy to be able to monitor her levels when she is somewhere else, So handy that she could even have her first play date alone a few weeks ago! She just packed her things and visited her bestie, and everything was good! When she had her dance concert, I didn’t need to give anyone special instructions, because we could send text messages and she would tell me what she ate while I checked her levels. It’s great!

This is where it is life changing for us. Not only does it mean she can be elsewhere and we can check on her, but it also means she will become so much mOre independent and learn so much about her condition and how things work so that her and ours confidence in what the future holds for her. 

We love it when we see a steady line going straight forward. Sometimes we scratch our heads when she keeps spiking in levels and no one really understands how and why – but what we do know is that those spikes would never have been detected if it weren’t for the Dexcom and it is awesome. We have an appointment at the hospital in a few weeks, then we will find out whether it has helped lower her long-term levels (fingers crossed).

(You can spot our Lexi on the outside of her arm:))

We gave her the chance to name it, as you do, and Melodie quickly said ‘Her name is Lexi Dexi’ so now that this little device is here, we speak of it as it was a member of our family! She comes home from school, I ask her about her day, and then I ask ‘And how was Lexi?’ And before we eat and she is going to have an injection, we say ‘What does Lexi say?’ If she alarms for a high level, she will continue every couple of minutes until it has gone down after treating it, so often we’re all like ‘aah, Lexi, we know, be quiet!’

It’s quite funny actually, and Melodie does get a lot of question about it, but it hasn’t bothered her so far (and the kids in her class knows and are used to the alarms by now so they are all pretty helpful as well:))

Now fingers crossed all that needs this device will get it in this country, it sure would be nice!




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