And we’re at a hundred!

This whole blogging adventure is a funny one. If you’ve paid attention from the beginning, it has been going on for eight years now. Weird. When I changed platforms three years ago, it didchange though. It did make it all better and easier. And now, these many years later, I feel that the things I post here are a good mix of personal opinions, a little bit of parenting, random ramblings and some emotional stuff. What started out as a way for people to follow my adventures overseas has gone through family and friends being able to catch up on us and the kids and is now like an extension of myself.

I don’t have any one specific reason for writing. I mean, I write all the time. Most of what I write don’t get published, and the majority of my ideas end up being just that. Writing is for me very therapeutic, and will never be about having followers or earning money, free stuff or anything like that.

The weird thing though, is that it makes me really happy if someone tells me they have been reading my blog – and they comment on it – especially in real life! In one way it’s slightly scary, because sometimes I write personal stuff, and knowing that people are in my head when they read is a little absurd, (but I am aware it’s being made public of course:)) and it’s a little bit crazy at times that people actually do care about reading it. It makes me want to write more and gives me the courage to share even more! 

And that would be people I know. Somehow, though, my blog has got followers that are NOT friends and family. Somehow there has been a few people pushing the ‘follow’ button that don’t have any other reason to pay attention to what happens in our life. Not even the people that I share it with on Facebook. It’s almost even weirder than my actual friends doing so… but still pretty cool:)

I recently hit 100 followers though, which is preeetty cool. I’m not in it for that, still, I don’t hate:)

Hooray for hundred!




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