Today I am a bad mum

This morning I am a bad mum. This morning Sophia came in to me and tells me: “I don’t want to go to Kindy today” and I thought to myself “hooray!” Yesterday Melodies new diabetes supplies ran out so I have to duck to the pharmacy today, but I really didn’t have time for that on my schedule, but her not going to Kindy works wonders for me. I did spend a good ten minutes telling her that she should go, there will be lots of fun etc. but she just wanted to be home with Ricky. I caved in. Explained that next time I will not. She says Ok.

Great, so this gives me almost an hour in the morning and 2,5-ish in the afternoon. Sweet!

Then Melodie. She slumbers out of bed a little too late for my comfort, but finished her breakfast and getting dressed in record time somehow, so I see the light! I make her lunch in the kitchen while the kids are watching a bit of Tv, and as I turn the corner to watch them I see them sitting on the floor, all of them fully dressed and pretty much ready to go – but they are not really ready. They are playing.

Somehow they’ve started a sweet little game where none of them are bossy and none of them are fighting and nobody is sad. So this morning I make the decision of being late – on purpose. I ask Melodie if she is okay with this, and she smiles back “does that mean we can play a bit longer?” “Yes, that means you can play a bit longer”

Who knows when their friendly playtime will stop? Who knows when Melodie is ‘too old’ to play with her little sisters? It’s not often mornings (even non-school-mornings) start this quietly and peacefully. And soon there will be a little baby in  the mix as well, that might change their dynamics? Nah, for now I am letting them play now, and learn later.

(They also have swimming week this week, so I feel the academic content at school is slightly skewed while this all happens, so don’t think she’ll miss out on much:))

I know this is not the ‘rightest’ way to do things, but this morning this feels absolutely not wrong. So now I’m sitting in my bedroom listening to them under the covers, keeping warm with a coffee before I have to take her to school for realz!

(Disclaimer though: Kindy is actually not compulsory anyway, so it’s technically not ‘wrong’)




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