Last days

It’s been school holidays here for the last couple of weeks, and the kids are back to school tomorrow. We haven’t really done as much as we wanted to during this time but the kids say they’ve had a great time regardless.

Yesterday we decided to go for a drive down to Victor Harbor and walk around Granite Island, which we haven’t done since Simon and I first started going out. On our first ‘getaway’ we stayed in his tiny caravan that he had back then in the caravan park in Goolwa, and one of the days were spent in Victor Harbor. He took me out to the island and it was the first time I ever had scones, because he had to teach me how to eat them. We told the kids this story and I was very excited because for some reason we’ve never been back there since they were born. Being Norwegian, walking in nature is something I always enjoy, and combining this with the continuous smell and sound of the ocean makes it even better. Also a bonus is that it’s not a difficult walk for either my pregnant self or the little ones.

We had our lunch first and I dressed the kids in their rain gear as its been raining around the state the last days and I figured there’d be puddles. Sometimes it’s painfully obvious that I come from somewhere different because the other kids on the playground were in shorts, thongs and singlets..:)

I was very happy I let them stay in their rain clothes though, as this meant they could jump and climb and sit and slide around on the island without having to worry about them being all filthy and muddy by the end of it and they had pretty much free reign instead of constantly reminding them to not get dirty.

Before getting around they had to obviously see the horses (for those who’ve never been there, there’s a bridge out to the island with a horse-drawn tram!).

The girls absolutely loved exploring all the rock formations and imagining what they all looked like. What I saw as a bee, was a frog to Ricky and a dinosaur for Melodie. Sophia, unsurprisingly, was the first one to climb into every hole and cave she could find, and picked every flower she could see.

Although we didn’t see any penguins or sea lions we did see lots of quails running around which was just as exciting for the little ones:)

The best part about going these places with the little ones is that we see so much more and so many details than if it was just Simon and I. So many adults walking quickly past the big bunch of quails while the girls were busy studying them. 

After strawberries and cream back on the mainland and driving around looking at some historical buildings and houses we drove home, but a cafe halfway home was giving out free milkshakes so we hopped in line and the girls had the best ending to the day:)

Now, one more day before school and normality starts again:)




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