Lest we forget 

Got everyone up early this morning to attend the dawn service for Anzac Day. If you are unaware of what that is, it’s simply put a commemoration of the members of the defence force who have served their country, particularly honouring the veterans and the fallen. We have never attended one as a family before, Simon used to participate in a March in NSW but that was later in the day, and two years ago we went to the city to see Him march together with his dad.

It was a lovely morning and the kids got to have candles and sing along to the national anthem – and they all love it when daddy wears his uniform (and Obviously I do too:)). This year Simon had more medals than last year and we are very proud of him. We were initially meant to do a different thing today, but Simon changed his mind and wanted all his girls at the service, and surprisingly we got all the girls up and dressed and were ready and there on time! 

The rest of the day will be spent on something nice, I believe Simon has promised the girls to go bike riding so we’ll see. In any case we have spoken about the wars and explained to the girls what this day means, and I am sure as they get older they will understand more.

As a Norwegian on this day I can’t help but think back to the heroes of my own country as well, and feel as though I am just as much honouring them as well as all soldiers and defence personell who spend and spent so much time away from their families in order to keep us safe and ensure our future was secure. Those are the people who are responsible for our safety today. It’s scary looking around at the world today and see so much evil and dangerous stuff going on – and with threats from all over can we really feel safe?

I know I do. I know we have people of the same caliber as my husband fighting for us, ready to defend us to their last breath if that is what it takes. I know we will be kept safe from harm because they are strong. The good always win in the end. 

And may we never forget their efforts. May we always show them our respect. And may we always treat them well and give them all they need to keep going.



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