I tend to do things slightly differently than the norm. Where others place themselves on a desk to study, my favourite workplace is the bed. Not because I’d prefer to sleep, I just like to spread out, and becaus my studies involve both books, hand writing and using the computer, I can change positions easily. I also like to sit with my legs crossed and that doesn’t work neatly with a desk.

So this is my office today. Simon has taken the two youngest ones out in the boat and I’ve spent the majority of the day already in bed, studying. Well, I also did do an hour of sleeping, but the baby wanted it, and who says no to babies?? I used he rest of the morning up until now watching German kid songs and stuff on YouTube. Research. Ahem.

Time to do some proper stuff, I have an assignment due in a few days and I’m 1/3 there, so I’m expecting to be at 70% by the end of the day! Wish me luck:)

With my lunch ready, Norwegian rice porridge from last nights dinner, a pitcher of orange juice and of course loads of ice (honestly it’s probably 60% ice… yum<3) I’m set for the next few hours #lowcarb #paleo #vegan (Just kidding!!:))

Also, cutting off half of my hair tomorrow, stay tuned:)




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