A girl like me

Some days when we have not much planned or we can’t decide what to do, we ask the girls what they would like. We’d get answers like ‘go to the playground’ or ‘take Joey to the dog park’ or ‘watch a movie’. But not from Sophia. By now you should know that Sophia has no problem being slightly different – and we love her. Sophia will call out ‘GO TO IKEA!’ and then usually be shot down because it’s not the ideal family day when Simon has a day off. Now that she has started kindy, Ricky and I have been there a few times without her, and it doesn’t sit well with her at all.

It’s school holidays here this week and next, and I figured we might as well go there this week, while Simon is at work, and planned to go with some friends. I am always excited when I go to IKEA, and now that all three of them can go to the playroom, that hour of not having to watch them is solid gold. Together with endless drinks and meatballs.

Last night Sophia was very sad. They had been given the task of tidying up the lounge room, but only Melodie was doing it. I’d told them ‘if you clean up, you get to stay up, if you don’t, it’s time for bed’. The Two little ones obviously had a mind of their own and after a few times of reminding them, Simon and I grabbed one each and took them to bed. Obviously they were not happy. I had Sophia, and she was devastated. Absolutely beside herself upset that she didn’t get to get back up and continue cleaning up. She had previously put one book away, so that qualified as cleaning, right?

I read her a book and lay down next to her, the hurt in her eyes glowing at me. She was not going to sleep, she was too sad. I told her: ‘Guess where we are going tomorrow? It’s somewhere you always ask to go!’ She looks back at me, smiling through her tears ‘IKEA?’ I nod, adding that her friends are coming too, and she laughs and cries at the same time, putting her head back on the pillow. ‘I am so happy now’ she tells me, and I thought now she was going to go straight to bed. I kissed her goodnight again and left her room.

Now, this is Sophia, so she didn’t just fall right asleep, but the crying stopped and she told me tomorrow was going to be ‘the best day ever.’ Just like me when I go there:)




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