Some good news – at last!

Throughout most of the last three years when Melodie was diagnosed we have been asked countless times by health professionals if we’d consider an insulin pump and why not. Although I have many reasons why we’d like to wait before we get her one, one of the reasons is cost. Because of Simon earning over a certain amount, we don’t get anything subsidised at all (in fact, he would have to go down loots before it would be subsidised for us, and that’s not because his salary is over the moon, but because the threshold is set quite low.) I have always felt like one of the things that are the most annoying about it is that when it comes to things like this, here in Australia, the kids are being ‘punished’ for having parents that earn an okay amount of money, and only the poorest people will get it for free, and because we’re talking about children here, I think it’s bloody unfair to be honest. The pumps cost a lot of money. $10k would get you an okay one. Ten thousand dollars. Now, we have enough money to get by in life, but we are in no way swimming in money, and we certainly don’t have ten grand plus just sitting around waiting to be used on medical equipment (Especially when I know that we can just hop on over to Norway – and it all comes for free, regardless of your financial status).

Anyway, although there are other factors why I’d like to wait, that’s been one of the main reasons.

One thing we’ve been wanting though, is a CGM. If you don’t know what that is, it’s a sensor that measures the blood glucose levels continuously, and sends the numbers off to a receiver. Imagine how handy that would be, huh? No need to wake Melodie up in the middle of the night, pry her fingers open just to get a drop of blood out and see. No need to wonder whether her levels are high because she has food or dirt or other things stuck to her fingers. No need to wonder if her hypo has just started, or if she has been going down slowly.

Whatever our views have been on the pump, I’ve continued to ask if we could look at a CGM for her, but all the people have been telling us that they only suggested that to kids with pumps, and I would go home annoyed because I knew there were devices out there that didn’t work with pumps. I kept dreaming.

Then the news came. 

On the first of April (what a day for it) it was announced that the government would fully subsidise these CGMs for kids with diabetes, and although I was so happy I could cry I was also wary that we probably would not be eligible, like in the past. I mean, great news and great for the government to do this, we just were preparing to fight for it.

We went in to our appointment yesterday ready to put on the waterworks and cry our way to get one of these, but the lady that saw us first told us we were eligible regardless! So no financial threshold, no medical crisis and I didn’t even have to exaggerate to get it. We just filled out the form, and we are meant to be getting one in not too long!! So happy!! Still not yelling out with joy as I am still expecting hiccups, but it’s looking good!

Goodbye to worrying about her levels at school, I can leave her at dance or gymnastics without too much worry, and our lives can normalise slightly – hey she might even get her fingers back to normal!

It’s safe to say I have cried:)




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