Why my heart bleeds

Sitting around the dinner table and the girls are asking me a serious question: 

How come you cry whenever we are crying?

I look at them all, they look at me as if this was something they had been discussing for a while before asking me this obviously serious question.

I start.

‘Mamma cries when you guys are hurt. When you have pain, are sick or when you are not treated nicely. I might not always have tears coming out, but when you are sad, my heart is also sad.’

I can already feel my eyes well up. Sometimes these insights into how they think and how their wondering minds work baffles me to tears.

They are quietly processing this, and I continue:

Before you were born, you were inside my body. You were sitting just below my heart. My heart and body gave you life and kept you alive until you were born. You were living closer to my heart than anyone else ever will. That’s why when you bleed, my heart bleeds.

‘That’s beautiful,’ Melodie says. ‘I’m going to tell that to my kids.’

And then they all giggle at the fact they were all inside my tummy<3

My heart will never stop bleeding for theirs and I will make sure they know it. At least the do for now.




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