Baby news!!!

What you are seeing is true! Our family is well on its way to expanding once again, and we all are very excited. In fact, the girls are probably the most excited and make plans every day about this new baby:)

Some of you may have known that we had been trying now for a while to have the fourth child that we always wanted, but things were taking a bit longer than usual (compared to the other three when we only needed to think it – and we were pregnant). Obviously we were very excited when we realised just before Christmas that we’d complete our family in 2017! In August, to be Exact!

You may think that we have obviously known this for a while, and it’s true, we are more than halfway, but with this baby we have not had any need to make this public for everyone. Maybe because it is the last one? Maybe because we haven’t really had much time? I don’t know. But I do know it is time now:D

I don’t even know if I have told many people at all. We’ve only sporadically shared this news – mostly just with people we’ve hung out with, and only a handful of people in Norway. It’s just been different this time.

I’ve also been slightly hesitant to share this for a reason, but I might get real in the next post about why. For now, let’s just be happy and intrigued and show love:D

We are super excited about this new little one About to become a part of our family – and to make life even more busy, adventurous and amazing<3




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