Aaand we’re open!

Well, soon anyway:)

It’s been a long but incredible road since the first day of auditioning back in December, to where we are today – 

But i can tell you that it is such a good feeling knowing we now have a great show to put on for the people coming to see us! 

This week has been so intense, getting ready and setting it all up on stage, so many hours and hard work out in by this amazing team of cast, crew and orchestra – not to mention the production team!

This is me now, trying to relax in bed before taking to stage again, show number one out of nine- but in reality I am so pumped and excited that my poor attempt at getting those extra minutes are spent going over the show and songs again:)

This is going to be epic, guys – if you are around you have to come and see it, it’s so colourful, happy, fun and fantastic with some incredibly talented people involved!

(And an extra shout out to Bec who is generally killing everything she is doing right now:D)

Can’t wait to get on he stage again with those awesome humans – so happy I got the chance to do this again!! 





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