I didn’t know today was going to be one of those days.

It was looking like it would be a productive day for me. Melodie was meant to go home with a friend after school for the first time, and she was very excited. I got a question from a friend if we wanted to hang out with her and her son for the day and I declined, knowing I had mountains of study to get through this week and this was a good day to do it.

I planned to take one to school, then two to dancing, then rush home and plonk them in front of the tv while I practiced my German for a few hours. Since I didn’t have to go to pick Melodie up, and Wednesday’s are my shopping days, my mind was ready to go and stock up on all the groceries our house is currently out of , then be home ready to cook/eat by the time she came home. Sweet, sweet plan.

But you’ve probably guessed it by now – no.

It started around midnight when Melodie woke up – which she really ever does during a night terror. Something was up. Yet again at 4am, just up and telling me she wasn’t feeling too flash. By morning time I told her she could keep sleeping as she probably should stay home. Didn’t eat breakfast, just a tiny cup of milk. Headache, she called it.

I got the girls ready for dancing. For once they went there in their dance clothes which they never do as we normally go somewhere after or come from somewhere else, but since we were only going there I figured it was fine.

We’d only just pulled over to buy coffee when She got sick. I won’t go into details but it was enough for the little ones not to be able to dance and for me to resign and just head home. I regret not getting myself a triple shot coffee in the way home though.

Since then she has almost not stopped, the poor thing. She knows she needs to eat a little and drink so she does. But she is already weak. And Simon is not here. Still, we will of course cope. Luckily there are people around that I can call upon to help get supplies or just to get sympathy and I’ve let Simon know that if this escalates and there’ll be more than one going through this he might have to call it quits and return early. Hopefully he won’t have to, but at least now he is prepared.


It’s never easy when these things happen and it’s always at the wrong and most useful times. But my fingers are crossed that this will pass soon and we will wake up tomorrow and it’ll all be over:)




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