This often becomes my setting when I sit down to relax with a meal or a coffee (or both). At the front of our house, looking at our citrus trees who in so many ways have become metaphors for our lives, and how the limes are growing bigger by the minute.

I often sit here to relax, do some writing, or just watching the world go by – not that much is happening on our street, but since our backyard is closed off I can’t see anything there. Also, as a Norwegian, the whole backyard being completely fenced off so it’s totally private is still slightly bizarre to me. I can’t think of many houses in my hometown who have their entire backyard (mind you, we also cherish our front yards as well) fences off. I’m not saying it’s better, but it’s different.

This is my lunch. With homemade strawberry jam (not technically but there’s no actual English word for it so..) made by myself out of a whole bunch of free strawberries I managed to score a few weeks back. Delicious!

I am writing a list today, as I often do. The big girls are at school and Ricky has just come home from her music class and she is still dancing in front of the tv eating her own lunch. Right now, life is all good<3




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