Aussie day 2017

For Norway peeps – today is Australia Day. Much like our 17.Mai, but not really at all. But we celebrate it still!

We got up in the morning and went to the event the local council had put on. There was free breakfast, entertainment and lots of fun for the kids.

A free breakfast is a good breakfast and this was no exception! Thanks to the Playford Council for putting it on, we did this two years ago as well and we’ll probably attend again!:) 

The girls got to play with bubble fun and Sophia met quite a few celebrities!

We cuddled some natives – and nobody were scared!

And they even got pony rides around the area! 

They decorated cookies and bounced in castles and made their own lizards and got balloon animals and had an awesome morning out – before heading home to spend the rest of the day at he beach.

We went to Glenelg this time, which was not as busy as expected, and with beach cricket, waves and Ice cream in Moseley square our day was set. Our plan was to conquer another three beaches, but by the time we had dinner at IKEA (I know, lol, but convenience and air conditioning makes for a winning combo) the girls were pretty spent so we headed home for the evening anyway.

A pretty awesome day with a pretty amazing bunch of people – and a decent way to finish off the holidays me thinks:)

I hope you’ve had a great Australia Day as well!




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