Covering up a hole

I got a bit upset this morning. Not sad, but slightly angry.
An ad popped up in my facebook feed with diabetes organizer bags for kids, and I had a look. They looked cool, with pokemons and ponies and other fancy things the kids would like, and I decided we needed a new bag for Melodies things, as the one she has carted around the school yard and excursion the last year has absolutely seen better days. And it is nice to make her feel good about her condition instead of sad, so some funky new stuff will make her happy, I figured.
Now, I didn’t realise that the page I was looking at was american, but I couldn’t find the pokemon versions anywhere else, however after having looked at it for a bit I realised it would be too small for our needs. Bugger, I thought, she would have loved it! Also, it cost 33 american dollars, so although I am happy to pay for her to have something good to help her through the year, I wasn’t too sure the price fit the size. After looking around for others, I realised that none of the ones I found available (and that wouldn’t cost an arm and a leg) were suited for her particular need (which is pretty standard, so I thought it was odd) and realised there was a hole in the market right here.
If I knew how to make stuff like this myself, I would totally make one myself. I figured I could just buy some fabric and material and with bambi-eyes ask a friend to make it for me, but I realised it might be more trouble than not. If I had any business sense, and the ability to make something of it, I might do something, but I truly wouldn’t know how:P
Anyway, I was stuck in the mindset of needing a new one for her, and partly promising her a pokemon one. My head got thinking and found out how I’d want/need it to be, and I thought that maybe, if I had could conjure up some creative skills in my hands, with a glue gun and some stitches, I could possibly customize a pencil case myself. And so I googled. And low and behold, the very same, exact same case as the american site was trying to sell for a mere 5 australian dollars, with free shipping! So this other site has obviously bought a whole heap and trying to sell them for 6-700% the cost price! I mean, I know that this is what businesses do, buy wholesale, then sell it for a higher cost, but I felt this was an extreme mark-up right? And capitalizing on someone’s illness that much was to me a little bit upsetting. Anyway, I am glad I didn’t push that buy now button and waited until I had done some more research (which is usually a rule for me anyway) because now I can buy 6 pencil cases for less!
In my search for a suited case, I did find a more suitable one, or one that looks like it will be suitable and it can even be customized to put her name on it. It might not be perfect, but it was low cost anyway. That will have to do for now, until I can find/make the perfect one! In the meantime, if you know how to make bags/pencil cases, hit me up!:D



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