The first week of the first month

It’s already been a week into the New Year, and for our family, it has been a good one. Simon has still had holidays, although he goes back to work tomorrow.
We made no plans for New Years Eve and treated it mostly as a normal day (however with cake and stuff), and some friends came over which made it into a nice and lovely night – a very good way to greet the new year! Ricky went to bed rather early, Sophia fell asleep on the couch outside at eleven, and Melodie stayed up to see the neighbourhood (illegal) fireworks before we insisted on her getting some sleep after.

On New Years day we planned to get up early and drive down to Victor Harbor and Goolwa, as Simon wanted to get some cockles, but because we stayed up so late, we all slept in, had breakfast and then went back to bed after again. We did make it down there though, only leaving just before lunchtime and coming home quite late again. All the girls had played at the beach, and I made up a game for them, which I will share later, and they had a great day!

The next day we got up early and decided on a trip to the Zoo. We realised that pretty much all of Adelaide had the same idea that day, and although slightly crowded at times, it was very nice. Because we were given the year passes as a present from my family (Thank you<3) we knew we didn’t have to rush around to every animal to ‘get our moneys worth’ and it didn’t matter that the girls spent fifteen minutes cuddling this one lone Quokka. They are now his best friends. The rest of the afternoon was again pool time!

Tuesday Simon chucked a few surfboards in the car and took Jasmine surfing, while I stayed home with the little ones. They painted and had a great day relaxing and swimming. Wednesday was also a stay-at-home swimming day, and after dinner we went driving to visit a new beach – this time we chose Grange, and none of us had been there and realised how lovely it is there! Definitely a contender for future beach days, that’s for sure! That’s another one ticked off the list for the summer:)
We got up super early on Friday, got in the car, and drove up the hill to Littlehamton (I know, right, it’s almost like Lillehammer!) to see a musical. The sun was nice and hot, but we moved around to find shade. The show, Oklahoma! the musical, was played out on an actual farm, with horses and peacock babies and it was lovely:) It was great seeing the very talented cast and catching up with some amazing people – Sophia got to see her favourite, and gave applause only to him during the show (In true Sophia style). After the show we hurried home together with our friends to cool off in the pool, and the kids loved having their mates over for a pool party! It was a great day, however I overdid the sun and learned a lesson in consuming enough fluids for scorchers like that.

Feeling better, we still decided to keep Saturday a more inside day. I spent most of the day inside resting, taking advantage of SImons’ last days of holiday before everything is on my shoulders again, while the kids swapped between going for quick dips in the pool and playing outside.

 Simon took the kids up the hills to visit his sister on Sunday, while I got to go to rehearsal again, after a few weeks of christmas holidays it was nice to see everyone again and get back into it! The weekend was finished by a game of monopoly and cups of tea:)
If the year will be like the first week it looks to be just allright:)


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