Musical Monday!

Finding this music made me really emotional. It is a recording where the saxophonist/clarinetist playing is actually the man who taught me how to read and play music (well, look I can not be 100% sure if he plays, but I am going with it). I was given a clarinet and was told to go home and practice getting sound through the mouthpiece, but my patience for playing this instrument was already exhausted, so I assembled it and composed a song I performed for him at my first ordinary rehearsal. When I got bigger, I was given an actual Sax, and I was thrilled.

Although I had been singing in a kids choir and other things before this, he was the one who taught me how to read music and use music. He taught me how to improvise and make the most out of my tool and showed me an immense respect for music and musicians and the instruments – and I wish I could thank him for it today, because as a small child you never know the influence other people have until you grow up and look back. The introduction to music that was made by something else other than voice and piano/guitar was so special to me and because of the way I was taught I am now able to appreciate so many more types of instruments that I may not have. I also remember him being the person telling me about 9/11 in America – which has embedded itself in my memory.

Maybe I am sentimental, I don’t know, but I feel like I was truly blessed for being taught by such a great musician. I hope he is successful and happy wherever he is – and I will continue to listen to his music.




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