Merry Christmas to you all!

What a December this has been, and we have finally arrived at Christmas. Being Norwegian, we had our big day with presents and Santa and tree and porridge and desserts and all the extras. The only tradition that wasn’t kept was dressing nicely for dinner, because it has been so super hot and the kids just stayed in their cooler bathers. We did swim, a few times, we did open all our presents and the kids were excited all day! Today we are heading up the hills to be with Simons family for the day and were slowly getting ready for that. This very hot Christmas makes things very different from my Christmases in Norway, but I have watched my Christmas movie and eaten the food I love so some things will always be the same<3Line-45.jpg

From everyone of us, the tiny one to the biggest one, we wish you the very best Christmas holidays with plenty of good food, drinks, desserts and even better company, laughs and good times. We hope you’re creating memories and reminiscing about old times and make awesome plans for the next year. (And I am just putting it here, if your plans in any way would involve coming for a visit down here (I’m looking at you, Norwegians!) you are always very welcome!)


(Look at the beauties<3)

Then we hope for a great new years celebration and a good start to your resolutions! Most of all we want happiness and love and peace for the soul – and that you may continue too prosper and follow your dreams.





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