26 – All about perspective

(I skipped one again sorry)

I have placed myself at the beach today. The girls have gone fishing with Simon and I have something on later in the day so I figured I might as go to the beach all by myself before I go there and I can’t remember the last time I was at the beach all by myself!

I’ve got bathers on and had every intention of swimming but so far I’ve just been relaxing. I probably won’t either, as it’s a little windy and maybe cold. I’m a Viking and have been swimming in Norwegian winters, but not today!

I’m lying down just next to the sand dunes, they are quite high. Four kids have come up and play on the dunes, jumping down the sides and sliding down. They’re being noisy and laughing and they are literally right above my head.

So annoying.
Or is it? The mum came up and told the kids to go further away from me as I was clearly relaxing and probably didn’t want their noise. She apologised to me and said she’d get them to move.

That’s when I told her that at I genuinely don’t mind at all. They are kids, having fun and enjoying their time outside their house. They’re creating memories and friendships and they are not splashing water on me, not flicking sand on me and neither of them are badly behaved. I said to let them play.

The mum smiled at me and said thank you, but I felt like I haven’t actually done anything – I have just not been a child-hating bitch!

I would be a massive hypocrite if I were to be annoyed by a couple of kids playing at the beach – as I always tell my girls that outside they can run and jump and play to  their hearts content, I love watching them being kids and we should treasure all the children really:)




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