19 – Favourite food

Okay so favourite food is up – and I love food so how can I choose just one thing? So I’ll do five lol – with stolen images from the Internet, because I haven’t cooked them myself for a while (and some I can’t cook!)


Lasagna looove always<3


Maybe not the best photo, but Norwegian kjottkake made by Mamma – can’t be beaten!


Also a not very good pic, but ‘Ball’from Norway – potato dumplings – delicious and a favourite of so many Norwegians.


I’ll cry at Christmas for not being able to have a plate of the best Christmas food there is – ribs and special sausage and chops and mashed swedes and julebrus<3


Okay I’ll add one dessert thing:


Anything berries and chocolate – and I am totally in! 
Man, that’s hard – it is no secret I love food – and this makes me so extra hungry – I feel like cooking and baking and eating…:)




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