11 – Something natural

I was going to post a picture of the giant snail the girls have adopted but someone forgot to put the lid on the box, so he had escaped overnight! Then we went to the market and I realised; what is more natural than a bunch of fresh fruit and veggies?

One of the best part of living in Australia is the fruit and veggies are far superior to most in Norway – because we import it mostly. The stuff that is grown there is amazing, but the rest is only meh compared to here. That’s why I was excited to fins out there was a market near us, and altough I try to get there every week I usually forget:/ Its great for many reasons obviously; supporting local farmers and businesses, the stuff is usually better and fresher and the kids actually get to see it and it opens up conversations about where stuff comes from – and theb they ask to try new things which I am more than happy to let them do:)

(Also, all that food I bought today cost about $30 – and look at it! Love that it’s mostly cheaper too:))




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