Time Heals Everything


At least that’s what they say.

For those who have not paid attention to my life on Facebook (how dare you) you may not know this, but I up until recently was a part of a musical called ‘Mack and Mabel.’ Also one of the reasons why I have had less time to post updates here.

We finished our three-week season yesterday and I was – as per usual -a crying mess. In future I think there is absolutely no reason for me to wear make-up on stage in the end, it will come off anyway. There were a few scenes where I had to compose myself in order to not go on with tears. And there was one scene where I almost lost it and considered shuffling off stage if I couldn’t hold it together anymore (Although I am a pro, so I was okay lol).

This show had everything. Love, laughs, lust and a little bit of murder. Completely sexist and inappropriate at times, and with pies flying across the stage – it was such a fun show to do. I don’t like ranging shows based on the people in it, but I am putting this one on the very top of the shows that I have ever done – and that is purely based on our ability to handle all the hurdles that were thrown our way, because this was a season with way too many spanners thrown in the works. On our opening weekend one of our main characters got sick – so sick she couldn’t perform – and we had a stand-in last minute who did a great job and we all had to adjust our performance around this new person. Then the next weekend, our lead, Mack, completely lost his voice. And his role is big. So finding someone to take over his role was not going to be easy-peasy. Luckily, someone else from the cast stepped up and did the part (which was never rehearsed) – did a great job – but we then also had to replace his part. Our director took on that part, so now we had to replace two people in the show. This is not something that is easy to do – for so many reasons – but man we did good, and we have so many reasons to be proud of our achievements and us overcoming all the issues we encountered.

In one way I have so much to say. But in another way I am lost for words. The experience of working on this show with so many gorgeous and amazing people is so inspiring – and the amount of beautiful souls that I am now so lucky to be able to call friends just fills my heart with love<3 I truly felt like I left behind a part of my soul last night, and waking up this morning after only a few hours of sleep I felt my heart breaking as I came to the realization that what we had yesterday was gone. Like going through a break up where the feeling is mutual – but still wanting to hold on. I know so well that there are other things coming. And I know so well that my family will be happy to have me back on Sundays. And I know that next time I get to do a show – I will go through the same thing again. This is just who I am. I love so intensely and easily that I fall easily.

Luckily, we have made plans. Plans of seeing each other again doing other things, plans of going to see other shows and plans of never ever forgetting each other. Some people I know I’ll get to see again for sure, but it is never the same thing.





(All the above photos taken by Mason Digital)

No more Spice Girls and jokes in the change room.

No more pies in faces.

No more side-stage dancing.

No more visiting the green room leads.

No more tapping our troubles away.

No more ‘hypothetical’ bottle spinning.

No more chasing men across the stage.

No more sash-envy.

No more falsies and lipstick and hairdos.

No more Line for lunch.

No more car-pooling.

No more Michael and Jeri making me cry.

No more ‘Don’t make Line laugh!’

No more jumping of that damn pier!

No more uninvitations.

No more amazing harp-playing.

No more baby-beheading.

No more ‘bows.’

No more super quick giggly changes.

No more making the world laugh.

No more hat-chairs.

No more M&M Survivor.

No more cast parties/pub gatherings.

No more Mack and Mabel….

No more happy endings…

I want to just give a huge thank you to my gorgeous and supportive husband who lets me do this. He knows that even though I am a mess now and will most likely be going around singing the songs of Mack and Mabel while crying in my sleep – it is something I absolutely love doing. Committing to a show like this means quite a lot of time away from the family and he doesn’t complain. I love him:)


Imagine if I did this several times a year! What a mess I would be. I won’t say much more, just give you all of these (probably too many) pictures.


Guys, thank you so, so much for everything in the last months. For being a friend, for helping each other, for hugs and cuddles and for understanding my sometimes awkward bilingual issues and for just being fantastically awesome. I have had a great time and will miss you all!!

Jellyfish out,




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