Life is too short to wear matching socks

This is one of my sisters clever mantras. She might be really good at losing one sock, or perhaps she’s just too lazy to spend time pairing them up, but whatever the reasons for her mantra, there’s actually quite some truth to it.

I totally agree, as well, because we just shouldn’t sweat the small stuff. There are so many other things in life that make us happy that we could be doing. I am becoming increasingly better at letting go of the small issues in my life – because I realise that they will easily sort themselves out at some stage, and if they don’t – well then they weren’t that important to begin with.

Imagine if we could all pick at least one thing everyday that we would shake off and not worry about for the time being. Just one is enough, because that one thing could help with all the others as well. Forgot to brush your hair? Totally fine. Your house is a mess? Cool, so are a million others – you’re good. Forgot to get something for dinner? Guess what, take-away is awesome – and besides, sandwiches are not bad – put some wings on it:) Someone said something bad about you? Show them your smile and jazz-hand your way out of there. Haters gon’ hate, right?

Someone else I know also said that perspective is very key . Will it be important tomorrow? Will it be important next week? Will I even remember this next year? It helps, trust me. Also, can it be fixed now? Can it be fixed later? or Can it not be fixed?

Maybe if we didn’t spend that half hour trying to find pairs to put together, only to realise there are 52 and a half socks with no partner, and only three pairs, one of them looking like fraternal twins – although you swore you bought a ten-pack just last week, and you’ve only worn socks four times since and….. maybe if we just picked up two socks, put them on our feet and simply walked away, life could be just that little bit nicer and less stressful. Besides, noone cares about your goddamn socks, anyway.

I still have a way to go before I can relax completely and give up on my concerns and stresses, and maybe I never will be ‘cured’. For now, mismatching socks is absolutely fine.




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