Throwback Thursday: let’s be kids again!

Guys? Norwegians? Come with me on a nostalgic journey 20-something years in the past, when we huddled up in front of the tv every night at 6pm for half an hour before bedtime. And we heard this intro:

I mean, I can’t hear this without getting slightly teary, can you? For anyone who is NOT Norwegian (well, most people aren’t), this was our version of Sesame Street. It was the sesame train station instead! And the train was f’ing real ya’ll! I remember riding it, equivalent to riding a magical unicorn, and it was da bomb. I’m unsure if I’d ever ridden a normal train before that, but he-loo, this was it. Another one, probably the most awesome song from the show – which made its way onto our drinking-playlists was this one:

Basically translates to: “you’re awesome, and I adore you” which is nice:)

Aaah, vaffelkake<3



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