How cool are these??

imageI will be the first to speak up for anything that can make a boring situation better. Like running shoes in fun colours or 90’s music when cleaning the house and fun paintings on a boring white wall.

Today we had an appointment at the hospital and as we needed a new pen for the insulin, we asked for one and when the nurse came back she even got some stickers to decorate them! In the nearly three years we’ve been using these, we’ve never been given stickers, so you can imagine Melodies excitement when she got to choose one for her new pen!

I whispered in her ear that if she asked nicely, they might give her the other one to put on her school one, and she was dancing around with her life-saving medicine in her hands – super keen to go back to school to show her friends; “They will be SO jealous!”


We got ok results (for those wondering, we’re at 8.8 at the moment) but have struggled a bit lately, so we need some new approaches to help her out. If anyone know where to buy awesome band-aids, larger than normal, with great designs for kids, hit me up! And I’m in the process of designing some special reward stickers:)

Here’s for a good few next months:)





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